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I have a third order system with nonconstant coefficients I would like to solve in Maple.  I have found a solution  but, I need a general solution.  I have attached the worksheet.  In the worksheet I have commented the system and the known solution.  AllCalculationsPertu.mw

Is there some way to construct the general solution from known solutions like a variation of parameters?


I have a PDE system that I keep getting the "pdsolve->Warning: System is inconsistent" message.  Is there a way to see where the contradiction is, i.e. where everything is breaking down.  It is fairly complicated and not easy to eyeball such a thing.




I have a rather burly system of PDE that I need solved in maple.  It's a little complicated to explain the set-up, but I am solving for some coefficients of a function expansion where each coefficient is solved in terms of some other known functions. 

Basically the problem is the technique and code works perfectly for another application, but it fails me here.  For one, when I try rifsimp(%,[a[0](x,y,t),b[0](x,y,t),c[0](x,y,t)]), it runs for...

Hi.  I want to plot the function U in terms of x and y,

U :=2*diff(p(x,t),x)*diff(q(y,t),y)/(p(x,t) + q(y,t) + a[0])^2;


How do I get Maple to recognize the Chain rule symbolically?

I have an ODE that looks like this:

u = a[0] + a[1]*w(q) + a[2]*w'(q) + a[3]*w(q)^2

where u,a[i],q are all functions of (x,y,t), so W is really W(q(x,y,t)).  W' is d/dq(W).  I am having trouble figuring out how to get Maple to recognize W' and still being able to take derivatives with respect to x,y, or t.

I want to get the following:

diff(W',x) = W''*q_x or in words: two derivatives of W with respect to q times q_x.

How can I do this?


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