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after i tryrring to instell another vergion of maple and it failed when i reinstell the older vergion of maple i get this error 
what is missing and i did wronge 

l := (n+m+sum(a[i], i = 1 .. n)+sum(b[j], j = 1 .. m))*ln(alpha)+n*ln(lambda[1])+m*ln(lambda[2])+lambda[1]*(sum(x[i], i = 1 .. n))+lambda[2]*(sum(y[j], j = 1 .. m))-(sum((2+a[i])*ln(exp(lambda[1]*x[i])-1+alpha), i = 1 .. n))-(sum((2+b[j])*ln(exp(lambda[2]*y[j])-1+alpha), j = 1 .. m));

Error, (in property/ConvertProperty) invalid input: PropRange uses a 2nd argument, b, which is missing



suppose i have afunction F(x) and i want to draw a sample for X from F(x)

Here in my code I am trying to differentiate a finite summation and the command Sum is giving me a simpler evaluation than the command sum.

But I have a problem, the command Sum doesn't work under signal processing tool. Is there away to make it work?



when i evaluate integration and my result s are HFloat what does it mean ?

how to avoid it ?

and how to distribute integration when the expand command doesnt work?

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