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I am trying to get "contourplot" to label the curves it produces. Is this possible? How? An associated question: Can I force the values at which the level curves (contours) are produced, e.g., show the contours for f(x,y) = 5, 10, 15, and 20. Thanks for your help. Tom
When using Maple 10's clickable capabilities one easily gets the results requested. However at the end of a long session the user has a long list of generated results , but it is not easy to recall what was done. Is there a way to find out what commands are hidden behind the right arrows that precede the results shown? For example: If my worksheet shows x^2 -> 2x, is there a way for me to have Maple produce x^2; diff(x^2,x); (or similar) which shows I took the derivative of the expression with respect to x. Thanks in advance. Tom
How can I plot a function with an integral domain? For example how would I plot f(n) = 1/n for n=1..10 or g(n)= n! for n=1..10 or h(n) = g(n)-f(n) for n = 1..10? Any help would be appreciated. Tom
I am wondering how to shade a portion of the plane under a curve from say x=a to x=b. To be more specific suppose I have the function f(x) = 5 - x^2. I want to plot this function and shade the region under this curve and above the x-axis from x = 1 to x=2. How can I shade it with a solid color; and how can I shade it with a striped region. I imagine there must be some "shade" command or option. Your assistance will be appreciated. Tom
I want to produce a table of values with a heading. I’d like something like a heading with the name “x
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