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We've just launched Maple Flow 2024!

You're in the driving seat with Maple Flow - each new feature has a straight-line connection to a user-driven demand to work faster and more efficiently.

Head on over here for a rundown of everything that's new, but I thought I'd share my personal highlights here.

If your result contains a large vector or matrix, you can now scroll to see more data. You can also change the size of the matrix to view more or fewer rows and columns.

You can resize rows and columns if they're too large or small, and selectively enable row and column headers.

If the vector or matrix in your result contains a unit, you can now rescale units with the Context Panel (for the entire matrix) or inline (for individual entries).

A few releases ago, we introduced the Variables palette to help you keep track of all the user-defined parameters at point of the grid cursor.

You can now insert variables into the worksheet from the Variables palette. Just double-click on the appropriate name.

Maple Flow already features command completion - just type the first few letters of a command, and a list of potential completions appears. Just pick the completion you need with a quick tap of the Tab key.

We've supercharged this feature to give potential arguments for many popular functions. Type a function name followed by an opening bracket, and a list appears.

In case you've missed it, the argument completion list also features (when they make sense) user-defined variables.

You can now link to different parts of the same worksheet. This can be used to create a table of contents that lets you jump to different parts of larger worksheets.

This page lists everything that's new in the current release, and all the prior releases. You might notice that we have three releases a year, each featuring many user-requested items. Let me know what you want to see next - you might not have to wait that long!

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It can happen when an operation is interrupted by  that Maple does not return to  and still shows .

This can give the false impression that the Maple server in charge of the evaluation did not get the message to stop whatever it was doing.

By giving Maple an impossible task to solve analytically

f1 := x1 - x1*sin(x1 + 5*x2) - x2*cos(5*x1 - x2);
f2 := x2 - x2*sin(5*x1 - 3*x2) + x1*cos(3*x1 + 5*x2);
solve({f1, f2});

I have noticed in the Windows Task Manager that freeing allocated memory can take much longer than one might think.

In one case it took 30 minutes to free 24 Gb of total allocated memory (21 Gb of it in RAM/physical memory). In this case the interrupt button became active (turned from grey to red ) two times and memory continued piling up  again.

Lessons learned for me:

  • The task manager is not only a valuable indicator for task activity but also for the interruption/memory freeing process.
  • Before killing a whole Maple session and potentially losing the last state of a worksheet it can pay off to wait and repeatedly interrupt an operation.


Suggestion: When the maple server gets an interrupt request, it could report to the GUI that it is in an interruption state and is no longer evaluating input. For example changing the message in the status bar from Evaluating... to Interrupting...

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