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Is it possible in Maple Flow to reference to another worksheet as you can in Maple? If so, how would you do that? Thanks in advance for your help.

I've tried some simple uses of solve in MapleFlow without success. For example


does not return


Does solve work in MapleFlow? Is there a problem with this Maple syntax in MapleFlow?

map won't work with left quotes


I cannot get this to work:

Print all the non-string entries in a list:

L := [1, 2, "abc", "a", 7.0, infinity]:

for x in L do
    if type(x, 'string') then
    end if;
end do;


I'm trying to recreate a Mathcad sheet in Maple Flow

I could use some help figuring out how elementwise operations are made:

From mathcad, what i want to reproduce:

What I have in Maple Flow so far:

1) How do i get MF to output numerical valus in sigma_t ?

2) How would H look in MF? 

Thank you!



When I try to enter units using the units palette Maple Flow 2023.1 will erase the numerical value entered. That never happened before in previous releases of Maple Flow. No problem if you enter the units yourself, the problem is when you use the units palette. What is going on? A couple of weeks ago I also posted a question about not beeing able to enter an equal sign when entering a math expression in a text region. Agai, this never happened before in previous releases of Maple Flow. What is happening? Am I doing something wrong?

If I select Insert | Header Footer ... and choose the Custom Header tab, I don't see a way to create a multi-line header. How do I create a custom multi-line header?

Today, I trried to enter an equation into a text region using Ctrl+R (In Maple Flow 2023.1), like I have always done in previous releases of Maple Flow. Well, today it did not work. I tried to enter the equation Q=W+mCv(T2-T1). When I tried to enter the equal sign after the Q, the program would not allow me to do it. I would press the equal sign and nothing happened. I tried :=, but it would only enter the :, it would not let me enter the =. Any help will be appreciated.

Hello everyone,

I am coming from Mathcad Prime wanting to use Maple Flow so I have no underlying knowledge of Maple language.

I just want to simply compare two numerical variables and check whether one is greater than or less than the other.

I have found the verify() function and found that it could not evaluate it, as it results in a "FAIL", however, a simple integer test would correctly test the inequality.


1. Is there another way to test this? What am I missing?  On Mathcad, i just use: Ve>Volcalculated and it would return a 1 or 0

2. Maple flow help (2023) does not really bring up the verify() function, I had to browse through examples and mapleprimes to get to it.  Is there a Maple Flow specific help to search for functions I can use?


I am having problems in recreating in Maple Flow 2023 a worksheet I had created in MathCad. Any help greatly appreciated.

We've just launched Maple Flow 2023!

The new release offers many enhancements that help you calculate and write reports faster, resulting in polished technical documents. Let me describe a few of my favorite new features below.

You can now change the units of results inline in the canvas, without taking your hands off the keyboard. You can still use the Context Panel, but the new method is faster and enhances the fluid workflow that Flow exemplifies.

You can also enter a partial unit inline; Flow will automatically insert more units to dimensionally balance the system.

This is useful when results are returned in base dimensions (like time, length and mass) but you want to rescale to higher-level derived units. For an energy analysis, for example, you might guess that the result should contain units of Joules, plus some other units, but you don't know what those other units are; now, you can request that the result contains Joules, and Flow fills the rest in automatically.

The new Variables Palette lists all the user-defined variables and functions known to Flow at the point of the cursor. If you move your grid cursor up or down, the variables palette intelligently removes or adds entries.

You can now import an image by simply dragging it from a file explorer into the canvas.

This is one of those small quality-of-life enhancement that makes Flow a pleasure to use.

You can now quickly align containers to create ordered, uncluttered groups.

We've packed a lot more into the new release - head on over here for a complete rundown. And if you're tempted, you can get a trial here.

We have a lot more in the pipeline - the next 12 months will be very exciting. Let me know what you think!

I have a function (Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman, HJB)

H:=(y,u,t)->y^(2)(t)+u^(2)(t)+1/(2)(x(t))^(4) +(∂)/(∂ x)(V(t))*u(t)

When I try to do

diff(H(y, u,t), u(t))

I get an invalid derivative error. Even if I remove the partial derivative, I still get the error. Does anyone know of to fix this?


How do I combine a number of functions into a composite one?

For example
x := T -> (A - 1/T)/C;

y := x -> sqrt(1/27*B^3/C^3 + 1/4*x^2);

Combined into a final composite function
R := T -> exp((y - 1/2*x)^(1/3) - (y + 1/2*x)^(1/3)); such that the function R evaluates x and y as functions themselves.

Many times this sort of function definition makes it easier for the human.

MapleFlow is showing the exact same icon in the taskbar as Maple when both are open.  Be nice if they were slightly different.

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