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I rescently downloaded and installed my new Maple 2020 on my Windows 10 64x computer.

I noticed this in the install log:

   Log started 06/13/2020 at 03:25:42
   Preferred installation mode : win32
   Trying to init installer in mode win32
   Mode win32 successfully initialized
   Preparing Check for Update Tool
   Checking for Maple 2020 Updates

My question is this:  I know that under windows 10,  32 bit progams will generally install on even if a computer is 64x.

So should have Maple installed under mode win32?  Is there a 64 bit mode that will take better advanage of the system?

For that matter, is there any configuring that can install it or configure it to take better advanatage of the multi-threaded hardward capabilities?

Thanks, JS

Thank you Edgardo ! :)

Here is what I have :

"C:\Maths\Maple\lib", "C:\Users\jm\maple\toolbox\GRTensorIII\lib"

The "Physics Updates" version "716" is installed but is not

   active. The active version of Physics is within the library

   C:\Maths\Maple\lib\maple.mla, created 2020, March 5, 2:36 hours

At least it is here. Yesterday I had "Package not installed".


(still don't know what to do)

I'd like to solve the equation b^4+12*b^2+22*b^2-20*b+1=0

s1:=allvalues(s[1])[]:# first solution

I find   first solution has  common subexpressions 5435 + 3*sqrt(515793), so I want to repalce by t. but unfortunately failed.

eq:=5435 + 3*sqrt(515793)=t:
# failed

why? in  following simple instance, it is OK!

eq:=5435 + 3*sqrt(515793)=t:
applyrule(eq,sqrt(5435 + 3*sqrt(515793)));






I've seen these kind of problems in Maple for many many years now and it is still not fixed with each release.

Occasionally, a call to buildin function hangs in Maple, even with timelimit.

I never once had such a problem using Mathematica. Timeouts always work there. I do not know why it does not work each time in Maple. Must be something to do with the internal design of the kernel. 

The problem also is that I can't even stop it once it hangs using the STOP button in the menu. (when I try this in the GUI, but most of the time I run things as script).

It is actually the server itself which is spining out of control. Task manger in window shows it at full CPU use. When this happens, only way to get out is to terminate Maple from windows task manager. Here is an example

sol:=1/24*ln(9*x^2*y(x)+2)+1/8*ln(x^2*y(x))-1/24*ln(1+3*(4*x^2*y(x)+1)^(1/2))+1/8*ln((4*x^2*y(x)+1)^(1/2)+1)-1/8*ln((4*x^2*y(x)+1)^(1/2)-1)+1/24*ln(3*(4*x^2*y(x)+1)^(1/2)-1)-1/2*ln(x)-C[1] = 0;
ode:=x^3*diff(y(x),x)^2-(1+2*x^2*y(x))*diff(y(x),x)+x*y(x)^2 = 0;

Sometimes, it does not hang. But next time it could hang. If you try the above and it does not hang, please try to increase the time out to say 3 minutes, it could hang then.

If the timelimit is small, there is good chance it will not hang.

The longer the timeout is, the more likely it will hang.  This does not happn all the time, but on random cases like the above.

This is one of the worst problems I face when using Maple. I never know if a script will run to completion or not when I start it, since it could hang any time. 

I asked about this before.

I am now hoping to see if there is any new insight into this problem and any workarounds.

Maple 2020.1 on windows 10 with lots of RAM. 




I try an import of csv external data file but i have "inconsistency".

With the smaller file import is OK,

With the second, bigger, the import is not "consistency" and i can not after perform statisyical analysis, possible on the smaller.

Attached zipped the 2 files (smaller test1_plantdata, bigger sub1_plantdata)

The structure of the csv file is exactly the same.

follow Maple code (changing directory and file name):




interface(displayprecision = 4);

plantdata := Import("D:/Dati/Prove/Maple/test1_plantdata.csv");


I don't understand where is the "error"...

Thanks, regards.


Whenever I call solve, I now make sure to convert the solution to a set first to get rid of duplicate solutions which could be generated.

Is there a way to tell solve to return unique solution only by default?

sol:=solve(expr = 0,u):


But there are actually only 4. The other 4 are duplicated



This does not happen all the time,but I noticed it few times now. Is this to be expected?

Maple 2020.1


 I try to solve the general solutions of  sin(x^2)=1/2. And then I would  like to check the solution,but failed. How to do?

about(_Z1);  #Originally _Z1, renamed _Z1~: is assumed to be: integer
about(_B1);  #Originally _B1, renamed _B1~: is assumed to be: OrProp(0,1)

it sholud be 1/2. Thanks!

I gave odetest some confusing long candidate solution to check for me. It gave an internal error

ode:=3*y(x)*cos(x)+4*x*exp(x)+2*x^3*y(x)+(3*sin(x)+3)*diff(y(x),x) = 0:
sol:=y(x) = -1/3/(exp(I*x)+I)^2*exp(((24*I*x*exp(I*x)-24*x)*polylog(2,I*exp(I*x))+(-24*I-24*exp(I*x))*polylog(3,I*exp(I*x))+(4*I*x^3-3*I*x+6*I*Re(x)-6*Im(x))*exp(I*x)-6*I*Im(x)+3*x-6*Re(x))/(3*exp(I*x)+3*I))*(1-I*exp(I*x))^(-4*x^2)*(4*int((1-I*exp(I*x))^(4*x^2)*x*(2*I*exp(((-24*I*x*exp(I*x)+24*x)*polylog(2,I*exp(I*x))+(24*I+24*exp(I*x))*polylog(3,I*exp(I*x))+(6*Im(x)-6*I*Re(x)-4*I*x^3+(3+6*I)*x)*exp(I*x)+6*I*Im(x)+6*Re(x)+(-6+3*I)*x)/(3*exp(I*x)+3*I))+exp(((-24*I*x*exp(I*x)+24*x)*polylog(2,I*exp(I*x))+(24*I+24*exp(I*x))*polylog(3,I*exp(I*x))+(6*Im(x)-6*I*Re(x)-4*I*x^3+(3+9*I)*x)*exp(I*x)+6*I*Im(x)+6*Re(x)+(-9+3*I)*x)/(3*exp(I*x)+3*I))-exp(((-24*I*x*exp(I*x)+24*x)*polylog(2,I*exp(I*x))+(24*I+24*exp(I*x))*polylog(3,I*exp(I*x))+(6*Im(x)-6*I*Re(x)-4*I*x^3+(3+3*I)*x)*exp(I*x)+6*I*Im(x)+6*Re(x)+(-3+3*I)*x)/(3*exp(I*x)+3*I)))/(sin(x)+1),x)-3*C[1]):


Error, (in tools/map) too many levels of recursion

I agree that the solution I gave it is very long and most likely is wrong solution. But that is besides the point. The problem with these internal recursion errors, is that try/catch does not catch them. So the whole program stops, and not able by bypass this error.

Should odetest have handled this better?

fyi, I posted similar internal error from Maple about 2 weeks ago in

due to too many levels of recursion as well, but that was fromt rying to evaluate int. 

Maple 2020.1 , Physics 708


Hello each and everyone,

I have a problem with *my* machine (I suppose) :

The "Physics Updates" version "716" is installed but is not

   active. The active version of Physics is within the library

   C:\Maths\Maple\lib\maple.mla, created 2020, March 5, 2:36 hours

It was the same for version 715.

What do I have to do to make it "active". I never had this problem.

Thank you.


Maple 2020.1 , Windows 10 Pro 2004


why does Maple say that timelimit got one argument when doing

timelimit(30,solve(x^2+a=0,x) assuming a>0)

There is clearly 2 arguments in the above, The first is 30 and the second argument is solve(x^2+a=0,x) assuming a>0

I know the workaround is to add [ ] around solve(). 

timelimit(30, [solve(x^2+a=0,x) assuming a>0])

Maple 2020.1 windows

I am interested in the AC circuits which control electric motor performance.

I have installed the Syrup package, written by Joseph Riel, from the Application Centre but it seems to draw and solve only DC powered circuits.

Does Syrup have AC circuit capability?

If not, is there any available package written in Maple which can draw and analyse AC circuits, preferably one in which the circuit can be constructed by clicking circuit elements in an palette and dragging them to a canvas?

Finally, if there is no such Maple package, can you point me to an equivalent, free package which is downloadable from the internet? 

I guess this command got missed?






I was wondering if it is possible to write a 1st order differential equation in differential form?


Instead of writing the diff eq in 


is it possible to to write something like

ode: -(x^2+x*y(x))*D(x)+ (1)*D(y(x))=0


I've asked about this 5 years ago

And according to the reply there at the time, this is supposed to have been fixed in Maple 2015.1:

It appears that the scrolling issue has been fixed in the next version of Maple

But ever since then, whenever I use Maple, the worksheet do not auto-scroll as the program runs and prints outout to the screen. I have to keep using the mouse to move the bar down to see the latest prints.

Not only that, the bar itself (on the right side) shrinks in size as more outpout is printed.

It becomes smaller and smaller with time, and becomes very hard to grab it with the mouse since it become so thin.  Once all the output is deleted, the bar become long again.

So I think there is an option to enable autoscrolling somewhere.

But I am not able to find it. I looked at options, display, general and interface and see nothing there to turn it on.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the folks at Maplesoft do not use Maple interface the way we users use it, becuase this is such a basic interface problem and any one who uses Maple interface for more than one day must see these problems all the time.

So how come these are still not fixed?  Here is a screen shot showing the bar on the right after long print out, and showing how it was before.

I use only worksheet mode, not document mode. On windows 10.





Whay the command:  123! + 1 takes significantly more time than 123! only??? Moreover time(123!+1) and time(123!) are very similar and fast.

I am using Worksheet GUI.

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