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Hello all,

I was hoping to get some general tips for tackling numeric integrals. As someone with little experience in the subject, I find myself overwhelemed by the many different integration methods. 

Experts, what are the first steps you take when trying to find a numeric solution to an integral? How might you zero-in on a particular integration method? What about tweaking error parametrs, etc.? Is there a general framework for approaching these problems, or is it all guesswork?


How can I create an even function, g, in Maple? I want Maple to give g(x) - g(-x) as 0.

Hello, I was given the problem "Set N:=100. (i) Form four lists L[1], L[3], L[5], L[7] where L[r] contains all primes 2< p < N such that p mod 8 = r ." and came up with the following code:

N := 100;
List1 := [];
List3 := [];
List5 := [];
List7 := [];
for p from 2 to N do
    if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 1 then List1 := [op(List1), p]; end if;
    if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 3 then
        List3 := [op(List3), p];
    end if;
    if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 5 then
        List5 := [op(List5), p];
    end if;
    if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 7 then
        List7 := [op(List7), p];
    end if;
end do;

this gave me the answer I wanted, however using the above code I have to answer this second question: 

In the notation of Problem 1, make a procedure with input = arbitrary  positive integer N and output = the list [nops(L[1]), nops(L[3]), nops(L[5]), nops(L[7])]. Do some experiments to see for which (if any) r, L[r] is largest. 

I am unsure of how to create a procedure out of the code I already have. I created this: 

F := proc(n)

local N, p, List1, List3, List5, List7;

List1 := [];

List3 := [];

List5 := [];

List7 := [];

for p from N do

if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 1 then List1 := [op(List1), p]; end if;

if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 3 then List3 := [op(List3), p]; end if;

if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 5 then List5 := [op(List5), p]; end if;

if isprime(p) and p mod 8 = 7 then List7 := [op(List7), p]; end if;

return [nops(List1), nops(List3), nops(List5), nops(List7)];

end do;

end proc;


however, when I input F(100) or any other value of N, I am receiving the error message "Error, (in F) initial value in for loop must be numeric or character"


Any ideas on how to improve my program to get the output I desire?

thank you 




Hello all ,

It's been years and years that I have been using Maple (since Maple V.2 in 1992 if my memory is still

correct. Now we are at Maple 2020 and the brilliant scientific library GMP is still in Maple at version



The relatively new GMP is 6.2.0 :

I wonder if in a not too far version of Maple we could have GMP updated. It is really an impressive mathematical library alongside with GSL.

Voilà !


Kind regards to all,




Unfortunately, I can't solve the problem in MAPLE that appears in the last line of the picture (0=1 instead of a0=1) unless I write a0 seperately and add the partial sum starting from k=1 to it.

I assume the problem is with 00 in the power series but since MAPLE defines 00:=1 I'm not sure about it. Anyone knows a better solution or can tell me if I made a mistake somewhere?


This worksheet plots the non-overlapped images of two spheres, but plotted procedure p fails to successfully pass the choice of color to the implicitplot3d command.

How can this be accompished?

Hi there.

I noticed that in Maple 2020 default font size of document (Times New Roman 12) looking bigger than in previous versions. How can I make the view the same as in previous versions?

Thank you

Hi there.

How supress this warning in Maple 2020 when I use "e" just like a variable not an exponent:

Warning, if e is meant to be the exponential e, use command/symbol completion or palettes to enter this special symbol, or use the exp function


Thank you

Recently Maple started freezing on me for a few minutes; after that it continues to work and then freezes again and so on (it does not so much freezes as it pauses).  I do not know what changed on my system (which is Windows 10) for this to happen.  I had been using Maple 2019 when this started and then upgraded to Maple 2020 but that did not solve my problem.

It does not seem to have to do with the type of computations I am doing.

I have problem with usage of solve for the solution of the system of six and eight symbolic equations. I need to get expressions for variables: R__xl, R__xs, R__xsi, R__zl, R__zs, R__zsi, dbeta__l(t), dbeta__s(t). I tried to find solution for 8 equations, but I got the message: Warning, solutions may have been lost. I thought that the system is non-linear and tried to solve it for six variables (R__xl, R__xs, R__zl, R__zs, R__zsi, R__xsi), in this case equations are linear, but Maple ignored the solve command and did not give a solution or error. Could someone help me with this problem?


I am not sure how to choose between Threads:-Seq and Grid:-Seq.  

The problem:  a procedure, proc1, that calls two other procedures, proc2 and proc3, verifies if a set of parameters fulfills a certain condition. Proc1, proc2 and proc3 are not part of Maple available functions.  

Right now I am using Grid:-Seq to return the result of applying proc1 to chunks of a thousand parameters.  I wonder whether I could use Thread:-Seq instead.   What are the advantages of using one instead of the other?  And when do I choose one over the other?  


I would appreciate if you could provide simple examples to explain the differences.  


Many thanks.



PS.  There is a problem with Grid:-Seq as reported in one of my previous questions.

I have load the new Physics-Version 678, but it is not active. How can I do this?

Here the output:



 User Interface: 1455132
         Kernel: 1455132
        Library: 1455132
       MapleIDE: 928330



Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2020.0, Windows 10, March 4

   2020 Build ID 1455132


   Maple 2020.0, X86 64 WINDOWS, Mar 4 2020, Build ID 1455132


The "Physics Updates" version in the MapleCloud is 678 and is

   the same as the version installed in this computer, created

   2020, May 20, 10:21 hours, found in the directory

   C:\Users\wgellien\maple\toolbox\Physics Updates\lib\




Warning, this package updates content shipped in a standard Maple install.  Use the 'restart' command to clear your session before using these commands.
Kernel(The "Physics Updates" version "678" is installed but is

   not active. The active version of Physics is within the

   library C:\Users\wgellien\maple\toolbox/Physics Updates/lib\P\

  hysics Updates.maple, created 2020, May 20, 14:46 hours),

  [The "Physics Updates" version "678" is installed but is not

   active. The active version of Physics is within the library

   C:\Users\wgellien\maple\toolbox/Physics Updates/lib\Physics

   Updates.maple, created 2020, May 20, 14:46 hours]


With kind regards

Wolfgang Gellien


In Maple 2019 we get the strange value

cos((Pi/2) -1e-12);
                       -2.051033808 10   


In Maple 2020 we get the correct answer

                9.999999999996916397514419 10   

That error in Maple 2019 certainly messed up quite a few of my calcualtions!



Before Maple 2020, it was possible to start up Maple from the Linux commandline with multiple files, as  in

maple   -x   ...

That started up Maple's Java interface and loaded the n worksheets in separate tabs.

That no longer seems to work in Maple 2020 — now the command exits silently when invoked with multuple files.  Why?

Aside: Loading a single file works as expected, but not multiple files.


Hi, I'm on Maple 2020 on Mac, and running this:

Captura-de-Pantalla-2020-05-16-a-la-s-23-14-57" />

In fact, that isn't the Chromatic number of that graph. Is not possible to color that graph with 2 colors becuase C7 (Cycle with 7 vertex) is a subgraph which is imposible to color with 2 colors. Am I doing something wrong? Can you replicate this? Is this a bug or is me?



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