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Given a lagrangian  in general relativity , how can I calculate equation of motion using euler lagrangian equation in maple software ?

the lagrangian is 

L = 1/2 g[mu,nu] diff(x[~mu], lambda) diff(x[~nu],lambda)

here lambda is the affine parameter.  and the metric is 



metric coordinate = (t,u,x,y)

How I can find the coefficient an, and bn according to the following solution?

the coefficients an and bn can be found by solving the
two linear equations that come from V = V[0] at eta=eta[0] and 
V = V[1] at eta=eta[1], and comparing with following Eq in each






I an unable to prot the optimal  control function and the controls individualy for the diterministic mathematical model with an two or more optimal control. May  any one can give me a sample program on it. Such us the following figure

You may give me direction even.

Hi there.

It seems like a bug in modp1(('Rem')(...)) with large polynomials with large coefficients.

Please look at the file:

It needs the file polys.m there:

File polys.m too big for this forum so I used dropmefiles.

Polys.m contain two polynomials x and f_t with large degrees: degree(f_t) = m = 50021, degree(x) = 2*m - 2 = 100040 and large coefficients up to 2^N, where N = ceil(m / 2)+2 = 25013.

I just compute rem(x,f_t) mod 2^N.

As you can see in the first part of doc I decreased coefficients of polynomials by additional mod 2^N (with Embed function), where N = floor(N / 2) = 12506. WIth these decreased polynomials and decreased N modp1(('Rem')(...)) function works well and use maximum about 2.5 Gb of RAM.

But in the second part of doc with original polynomials and N = 25013 modp1(('Rem')(...)) use maximum about 3.5 Gb of RAM and crash with error:

Error, Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation.  Please see ?alloc

This is strange and looks like a bug considering that the test server has 48 Gb of RAM.

Is it a bug or modp1(('Rem')(...)) just need more than 48 Gb of RAM?

How many RAM it needs for this computation?

Thank you

Hello, I am trying to fix the problem reported below.

I am using the 64 bit version of Maple 2020.1. I am experiencing similar problems with other java applications. So I believe it must be something related to Java.

Moreover, it looks like the local refreshing problem is following the cursor of the mouse, therefore it must be something related to the interaction of the mouse with the GUI.

I am using a I7 CPU, 32 GB of Ram and a Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070.

Is anyone experiencing something like this? How can I fix this?

My personal edition of Maple 2020 throws java-lang-thread for every plot3d. No further output is provided by Maple. How can I further troubleshoot this?


Why do I get an error when using this:/// during readin of a xml attachment in Maple workbook?

Exceltools Import works without problems.

Is there any programming or package to solve my problem. I am poor in programming. 

Thanks sincerely!

Any idea why the result of the FirstChild function of the attached file is

_XML_Text("\n  ")

I also miss a more complete example on Maple Help for writing, reading and processing xml files.

Hello! Sorry if this question was already asked, I just can't find my answer and I don't really know how to form the question since I'm new to using Maple. My question is: How can I find a point on a plot I did in Maple? When I use the cursor position(from when I click Probe info) I can never align it right enough for me to not get a decimal answer. For instance, I can't figure out the y-value for when x=2 because the closest I can get to 2 is like 2.1 which isn't exact enough for me. 

To practice more in documentmode
Given  f := x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1  
surfacelevel on level 1  and surfacelevel upon wich the point (sqrt(3), 3, -2) is located.

1) x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1   : what solid ( a sphere with radius 1)  and  plot 
2) surfacelevel (solid sphere)   for point  (sqrt(3), 3, -2) and plot
3) Plot together 

Doing this calculation solely with that's not always possible as it seems by trying to plot a sphere. 

How can this alteration occur by itself and what is the point of doing so? How do I change it back to $\cup$ and $\cap$?

I'm trying to put image in my maplet interface.

I use this following code

Label(Image(cat(currentdir(),"\\Image Folder\File name.png")))

The code work as well when i run the code in worksheet. But it doesn't work since i export the worksheet to .maplet file.

Please help. Thank you

for xx from 1 to 2 do
xx := 1:
Source := FileTools[Text][ReadFile](cat("C:\\hello\\probability1-200-26042020\\home\\probability",xx,"\\probability",xx,".txt")):
openindex := [SearchAll("[",Source)]:
endindex := [SearchAll("]",Source)]:
beforefiltered := []:
for mm from 1 to nops(openindex) do
if mm > 27 then
beforefiltered := [op(beforefiltered), Chop(substring(Source, openindex[mm]..endindex[mm]))]:
end if:
afterfiltered := []:
for mm in beforefiltered do
if Has(mm,"--") or Has(mm,"|") or Has(mm,"{") or Has(mm,"}") then
dummy := 0:
elif Has(mm,"Root") then
dummy := 0:
afterfiltered := [op(afterfiltered),mm]:
end if:

however after chop still has new line, can not make a beautiful csv format, 

"[b(t,k)+ a

# I try to export to text first and then use Excel to use "|" as delimiter instead comma as delimiter,
#because b(t,k) has comma "," will separate to open a new column

for mm in afterfiltered do
AA := parse(mm):
lprint(xx,"|","hello := [","|",AA[1],"|",AA[2],"|","]:");

Expect csv in format

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