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I went to a particular website where I downloaded Maple programs in .txt files.

If I open the files and cut and paste the .txt into a Maple worksheet,

a > is inserted at the start of every line. It would take forever to delete each of these

>'s from the start of each line in a program with 500 lines.  Someone suggested that I put the command

read C:\\filename.txt

into my Maple worksheet. But, this - and many variations, with and without single quotes, file extensions, etc. - does not work.

Any suggestions?

I changed my code to multi-threaded type. but my run time increased! and my CPU usage became 65-70%.I think I made a mistake in programming.
but i have a different question too. I read a paper that said: "when you use a matrix or array instead of single integer in maple, your run time will be badly increase, because your total CPU usage will decrease! i't a result of delay in writing matrix element in ram and as CPU has no command to process and is waiting for data from RAM"
i want to know if it is correct or not.

Hello everyone! First, I have to say, that I am very new to Maple, so excuse my silly questions and please explain carefully ;-) I have a very simple problem: I'd like to solve a linear system, but it doesn't work. It's quite large, i.e. so large, that I did not try to use it by hand and thought: let my computer do it! Here are the two possibilities that I tried: 1. with(LinearAlgebra);

I want to add some information to an existing help page within maple.  Can I do it?


Concrete example: Suppose I have two (2 x 2) matrices that have entries as operators or other non-commutative object.

In the following example Maple treats the entries like numbers:





How can I ensure that these are not commuted like ordinary numbers?

The second part of the question, is how I can also prevent arbitrary application of associativity if I so choose.

So, after many years in the making, version 1.0 of wine is released.

Can anyone say, whether it'll run Maple 12?


How do you smooth a frequency plot?


Here is what I am doing outside a proc()

When I do a boxplot, the x- axis is as wide as the boxplot. 

How do adjust the x-axis so the boxplot is say .25 units wide and the x-axis extends to 5?

Good morning, I've tried to solve this pd-eqn with pdsolve, but there is no output (not solution nor error) and the promp goes on the next row


I have installed Maple 11.02 on Vista.   I opened up a .MW file the print quality is awful.   I zoomed into to higher magnification and even at 400% the text is very grainy (but very large).

I imagine there is some setting to control the rendering of fonts.

How do I make it render on screen nicely?

As it is right now I very quickly get eye-strain looking at it.  It's awful and unusable as is.

Here is my worksheet code:

> f := theta -> (a*b)/sqrt(a^2*(sin(theta-Pi/4))^2+b^2*(cos(theta-Pi/4))^2)+c*cos(4*theta);

(1) ...

> simplify(f(theta));

(2) ...

 > subs(sqrt(a^2*(cos(theta+Pi/4))^2+b^2-b^2*(cos(theta+Pi/4))^2)=tmp,simplify(f(theta)));

(3) ...

I recently asked about HTTP Requests and found out it could be done with either a Socket or with the HTTP package. The reason I asked is that I would like to connect to Blackboard (Course Management System). I would like Bb to launch a Maple worksheet or maplet and then Maple to be able to insert grades into the Bb gradebook. Does anyone know how to do that?

Dear colleagues, please help me to animate a pendulum motion, L i s the length of the pendulum,  the differential equation is:

de := diff(theta(t), `$`(t, 2))+c*(diff(theta(t), t))+9.8*sin(theta(t))/L = 0; c := 2; L := 2;
init := theta(0) = 0, (D(theta))(0) = 0;
sol := dsolve({de, init}, theta(t), numeric);

_EnvAllSolutions := true; solve([((1/24)*sqrt(1/11*(819+210*sqrt(5)-126*sqrt(11)-90*sqrt(55)))*cos(sqrt(2/5*(7-2*sqrt(11)))*t*tau/h)+(1/8)*sqrt(1/33*(273+70*sqrt(5)+42*sqrt(11)+30*sqrt(55)))*cos(sqrt(2/5*(7+2*sqrt(11)))*t*tau/h))^2+(-(1/8)*sqrt(1/11*(91+39*sqrt(5)-2*sqrt(22*(47+21*sqrt(5)))))*sin(sqrt(2/5*(7-2*sqrt(11)))*t*tau/h)+(1/8)*sqrt(1/11*(91+39*sqrt(5)+2*sqrt(22*(47+21*sqrt(5)))))*sin(sqrt(2/5*(7+2*sqrt(11)))*t*tau/h))^2 = 1, t > 0, h > 0, tau > 0], t)


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