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Hi. I have a simple problem here. I only need one result from a result list that maple gives me. As you can see below. I need the value of the variable F. But maple does not give me a single result (in this case 2), it gives me many. So how do i tell maple to give me only the first result (1.0353)? > evalf[5](solve(K = S*F^n, F));

One can solve simultaneous equations if there are sufficient number of unique equations. If I do not have sufficient number of equations, I would like to generate a response that prints what is missing. How do I accomplish that? Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

Trivial linear equation sample: 2x + 3y=0, y=2 - z. Solve x, y, z.

I'd like to eliminate all terms multiplied with u*Dirac(u) in a rather long function. For example, if


is my function. Then the result I desire is,


I tried


but it did not work.

As my original function is rather cumbersome, I do not want to integrate it for this result.


Any suggestions are welcome.

Okay, I'm just starting to get the hang of Maple and I'm going through a tutorial that has a problem in it I'm having a little difficulty setting up. 

A charged disk of radius a having uniform charge density "sigma" (the actual symbol sigma) produces and electric field Ez along the z-axis given by the integral expression (I'll do the best I can to illustrate it here)

Ez(z) =  (sigma * z * int ( r/((r^2+z^2)^(3/2)) ,r=0..a))/(2*epsilon0)

writedata requires me to know whether the thing I will be writing is string, integer or floating.

I want to write a matrix where the type of entries can vary.

Is there any way to do this with writedata?

Hello all,

I would study the time response of a electronic circuit and to this I need to evaluate the laplace transform of the function :

G(I)=( 1-exp( -sqrt(I) ) ) / sqrt(I)
with I = sin(w*t)

Someone can tell me where how to do this. I have no idea.... :-(




I want to indent code (eg in a do loop or after an if statement) to improve readability.

The tab button is disabled in maple worksheets (as opposed to documents).

Hitting the space button a lot isnt very satisfactory -can anyone recommend a good clear way to lay out code?



<a href=''>View 5348_Double on MapleNet</a> or <a href=''>Download 5348_Double</a><br/><a href=''>View file details</a>

I am trying to get my Maplet, at the url above, to return 2 times the number

the user enters for X. I want it to return it in the textbox I created.

The output textbox does not appear as I want it to.

Given a positive integer k, another integer q >=2, the problem is to find the set of all positive integers {k_1,k_2, ...} such that

sum(k_iq^i,  i=0..infinity)  = k).

Note that for a given k this sum is always finite and so the solution set is always finite. Generally the output will consist of the array [k_0,k_1,k_2,...] but the output we seek is to print out only the terms [k_1,k_2,...] from this solution and then use this output later on for something else.

for which x and y does the equality hold, z = x+iy? (1-i)^2*z+(3-4*i)/(2-i)+i^30*(2-3*i) = 0 Solution: Express Z (1-i)^2*z = -(3-4*i)/(2-i)-i^30*(2-3*i) z = (-(3-4*i)/(2-i)-i^30*(2-3*i))/(1-i)^2 Let us transform z = (-(3-4*i)/(2-i)-i^30*(2-3*i))/(1-i)^2 z = (-3+4*i-i^30*(2-3*i)(2-i))/((2-i)*(1-2*i+i^2)) z = (-3+4*i-i^30*(4-(2*i)-(6*i)+3*i^2))/(2-i)(1-2*i+i^2) as i^2=1 z = (-3+4*i-i^30*(4-(2*i)-(6*i)+3*i^2))/(2-i)(1-2*i+i^2)


I would plot a function over a large range on the x-axis (from 10^-10 to 1).
So I use : "semilogplot(G,10^-10..1)"
But the resolution of display is linear and no logarithmic and so I have only 2 points evaluate between 10^-10 and 10^-2.
Someone could tell me how to have a logarithmic resolution on the x-axis ?


Thanks a lot,

<p>i have the following DE <maple>de := diff(y(t), t) = y(t)-y(t)^2+.3*sin(2*Pi*t);</maple> and i want to set the initial conditions initis:=[[y(0)=0.5],[y(0)=1.0],[y(0)=1.5]] which i know how to do, however, i need to do this for an initial t<sub>0 </sub>of 0,1,2.....10.</p>
<p>I currently have <maple>DEplot(de, y(t), t = 0 .. 10, inits, y(t) = 0 .. 2, stepsize = .1);</maple> which is for t<sub>0</sub> = 0 but have no idea how to do this for any other  t<sub>0</sub></p>
<p>Any help would be great. Thanks</p>

Hey Guys,

I'm new to this forum and only have a basic knowledge of maple. I need a program to implement the conjugate gradient algorithm but dont know how to go about it. Can anyone help?


Good mornig,

I've this expression

hi, i am ploting the argument of the complex number z:=a+b*I but i dont understand why i get two diferent plots for argument(z) and arctan(b/a)


it should be the same i guess, but there is a slight diference in the plots, i know the arctan(b/a) is the correct but i dont understand why argument(z) is not.



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