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I have an ODE containing different orders of differentiation of f1(x), f2(x) and f3(x).

> with(PDEtools):

> difforder(ODE);


> difforder(ODE,x);

gives the order with respect to x but I need a "COMMAND" doing below,

> ODE:=12*diff(f1(x),x$5)^(7/2)*diff(f2(x),x$4)^9+12*diff(f3(x),x$3)*diff(f1(x),x$2)^9;

> COMMAND (ODE,f1(x));


> COMMAND (ODE,f2(x));


> COMMAND (ODE,f3(x));





i have a minor issue with a plot, have a look.


Where are the plot lines on the x axis for x<-1 and x>1 ?



If i use dsolve for solve numerically a ODEs with classical methods, it seems that it isn't possible use the option range=a..b, so for every plot that i want graph using odeplot, i need to integrate the equation! Is there any way to store the results as dsolve do when is used the range option with rk45 method?

I'm trying to get maple to fill in the area where x*z>y^2 and where x*z<y^2. I can get it to plot the graph of where x*z-y^2=0, but I can't get it to fill in the areas where the above conditions are met. Anybody have any ideas?


 I have a similar problem to before
I have rewritten a fourth order ODE as a third order ODE with a constant of integration, K. I need to rewrite K as a series K=K0+R*K1+R2*K2+… up to nmax. Then I need to solve by comparing coefficients of powers of R. I have four boundary conditions which are clear from the program below and I keep substituting back into the equation to get a more accurate solution:

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know how I could go about splitting a big integer into a sequence of integers of length 3? (e.g., 394737234242 -> '394', '737', '234', '242')


how do i convert/import a maple spreadsheet to a pdf file?

How do I find the equations of all tangent lines (of a function) passing through a point that is not on the graph of a function? I am completely clueless, any help would be apprechiated ! THANKS

(I'm using Maple 11)

I tried using the Maplet Builder in Maple 12, and also looking up some links in the Maple Help section but found it rather confusing. Are there any particular sections in Maple Help or on the Internet that are helpful with Maplets, cause there are so many.

I need to create a maplet in which the user inputs the angle of entry, the angle of emergence, and the wavelength of a light ray entering a transparent block.

Also need a model/diagram of the result with the appropriate angles.

Has anyone tried the technique used here, to run Maple 12's 32bit Classic GUI with the 64bit Maple 12 kernel binaries, on Linux?

Should I try and update it to work with Maple 11 or 12?

It looks like some symlinks would have to change or be added, relative to the way that I did it for Maple 10.

Has anyone ever tried to do a similar thing on 64bit Windows?

Dave L

Hi all,

Write a procedure rsum that sums the reciprocals of the elements of a list.  So rsum( [a,b,c] ) should return 1/a + 1/b + 1/c.

How would i modify my code so that it does this... I know theres a much simpler way (rsum := L -> add( 1/x, x in L ):) but i would like to know how to edit the one ive done.

Heres my code so far...

rsum := proc(L)
local n;
    for n in L do
    end do;
end proc;


I would lke to know how I can make multiple 2-d pointplots; the pointplot only seems to work for one plot, but I could be wrong... . Tony Lawrance


Is there any command to find an tangent for a fuction in maple. My example here is f(x,y) = x- x - y + y and graphing the function and it's tangent at plane (1,1).

Recently, Robert I helped me with a question: To approximate f(x,y) = y/ xby a polynomial of degree 6 in x -1 and y + 1. He said answer to this is achieved by following: mtaylor (y / x, [x=1,y=-1],7);         If this is correct, what does the 7 do?


is it possible to extract a coordinate from a graph?

ie. i want to know the maximum/minumum by just havin the graph

cuz for some reason the max/min commands arent working

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