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Dear Maple users, I am trying to use Minimax to create a rational approximation to a function over a specified approximation interval. But, I keep getting the following error message. Can someone help? > with(numapprox): > Digits:=50; Digits := 50 > minimax(tanh(sqrt(x))/sqrt(x), x=1..10^4, [13,14]); Error, (in numapprox/remez) error curve fails to oscillate sufficiently; try different degrees Thanks, Adnan.
Hi; Is there any way to find a closed form of the following integral by maple, where theta is a real constant. cheers Sayed int(x*exp(-I*x*theta)/sinh(1/2*Pi*x),x=-infinity..infinity);
The problem i have is this, the plot that i am suppose to recieve is one that looks like the 'pointplot3d' below, yet i recieve something which doesn't. Any suggestions as to how to circumvent this? with(plots):Digits:=15: > Omega[0,1]:=.825352549049169: plot3d(MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],r*I)*MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],theta),theta=0..2*Pi,r=0..1,coords=ellcylindrical,axes=FRAMED); points1:={seq(seq([T/100,2*Pi*S/100,MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],2*Pi*S/100)*MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],I*T/100)],T=1..100), S=1..100)}: pointplot3d(points1,coords=ellcylindrical, axes=FRAMED, color=red, style=wireframe);
in document mode I like to add a descriptive text after the inline output to label what answer is. You cant just switch to text mode and start typing, it does not work. The only way I have been able to do this is to use the next float or next prime command then backspace twice to erase that output and then I can switch to text mode and append text. Is there a easier way to do this?
How do I display / calculate -1.60x10^-19 when calculating Coulombs? This returns a "Error, invalid power" in Maple 10 (student) and Classic Maple (student) and in the calculator (student).! Frustrating, Yes I am a student and a new user and I need the help the software promises to provide.
I'm trying to solve a system of equations in maple and I have no idea why it's doing what it's doing but it certainly isn't working. Anybody have an idea what's going on? View on MapleNet or Download
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i have a problem of my equation with differentiation,in the first i run it total OK ,but when i input the value into the equation, the ERROR was show the screen. i don't know which step have the problem in my procedure. under is my maple file,(if you can't understand what mean of this procedure,just send me E-mail). regards View 1984_new equation with water on MapleNet or Download 1984_new equation with water
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A colleague asked me about this, and I couldn't help him: > g:=y+exp(2*t): > y2:=subs([y=3,t=0.1],g); y2 := 4.221402758 > subs([y=y2,t=0.1],g); 4.221402758 Why has not the new value of y2 been substituted for y in this last expression? And the same thing happens for eval. Thanks, Alasdair
I've already found the commando's logplot and loglogplot on my own. The first defines a log scale for the y axe. The second defines a log scale for both the axes. Now is my question where could I find the command for plotting a log scale for the x axe. I suspect it is something special because I could not find it in the library plots. My excuses for my terrible English! Greetz Pieter
I am trying to write a paper in which I can, for presentation purposes, collapse document blocks and have the code not shown. I am running into the problem that when I collapse some document blocks code within is not displayed but when I collpase other document blocks all that goes away is the red prompt. I can't figure out why the difference. The attached file has two document blocks which, as far as I can tell, are identical except for a few words of text. When I collpase the first block the code remains displayed, but when I collapse the second block it does not. Can anyone figure out why the difference?
Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to produce a composite plot in Maple. What I would like to do is: 1. Take one solution of a non-autonomous differential equation, and plot it with respect to t, call this x(t). 2. Take another solution of a similar equation, also plot it with respect to t, call this y(t). 3. Take x(t) vs. t and y(t) vs. t planes and use it to create a 3-dimensional plot containing all the points where (t,x(t))=(t,y(t)). It's difficult to describe, I hope the above is helpful. On a (hopefully) simpler note, when I solve the following: odesys := diff(x(t), t) = 2*x(t)-y(t)-x(t)^3, diff(y(t), t) = x(t)
hi there... im trying to plot this equation onto a graph- x-2y=4 x+2y=12 I dont knw how to put it into maple only reads one equation at a time and not as a whole???? help please....
Tried to maximize a simple function f(t), failed. Converted it to different forms, still failed. Simplified the function a bit by hand and tried again, still fail. Only after some major simplification by hand and a transformation: u=s^2=(1/2-t)^2, it finally worked. I must be missing something. I thought such a simple problem should certainly be solved by maple in a flash. Can someone enlighten me please? Thanks a lot. > maximize(t^2*(1-t)^2*(1+t^2)*(1+(1-t)^2), t = 0 .. 1); / 2 2 / 2\ / 2\ \ maximize\t (1 - t) \1 + t / \1 + (1 - t) /, t = 0 .. 1/
Question is easy but not for me :). How do I convert fractures into regular numbers. Thank you! Greetz Pieter
Hi Please see Spiderflygrid2.mws A spider is on the floor of a cubical room of side 1. Its position is given. Where must the fly position itself to be as far as possible from the spider? My attempt minimizes the square of the twelve possible distances. This is m. m:=min(seq(cd[i], i=1..12)); Partial derivatives of m are found with respect to xf (the x coord of the fly) eq1:=diff(m,xf); ... & with respect to yf (the y coord of the fly) eq2:=diff(m,yf); These two equations are then solved simultaneously. solve({eq1,eq2}); Maple gives an error message - is this due to the discontinuities in the expression m? Or (more likely) a fault in my Maple code?
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