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is there any way to do quantum field theory on maple 11 even if it means to have an add on package? answer will be helpful
How can I evaluate the eigenvectors of a 2x2 Matrix with trig functions as entries? This is what I did: with(LinearAlgebra): K:=<<cos(theta)|sin(theta)>,<sin(theta)|-cos(theta)>>; Eigenvectors(K); Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-Eigenvectors) expecting either Matrices of rationals, rational functions, radical functions, algebraic numbers, or algebraic functions, or Matrices of complex(numeric) values I'm wondering why cos(theta) shouldn't be an algebraic function ?? Assuming theta to be real I get the same.
In a previous blog entry I described a novel method, proposed by Robert Israel, for sorting a list of lists of small positive integers, specifically those less than 256. It is significantly faster than the usual method. Roman Pearce responded with a method for rapidly sorting listlists of integers (a listlist is a list of sublists with identical number of elements), regardless of size. While not as fast as Robert's technique, it, too, is significantly faster than the usual method and has no restriction on integer size.
How can I plot some velocity vectors on a circle. the function of velocity vectors is (1+cos(t))i+(sin(t))j thank you very much
So, why are we given two ways of defining a function, one using " := " and the other using " -> "? The latter seems pretty clunky. What use is it?
There is an icon in the Expressions pallete for "eval". Why isn't there one for "algsubs" which seems to be far more useful than the "eval" command. Or maybe I've missed something.....
I would like to animate a function and its derivative together in a sort of trace feature like you can do on a TI calculator. I am unsure if this is even possible, was wondering if someone else has done it or has any ideas... Thanks in advance, Brandon
I would like to be able to code boundary conditions of the following type: u[x](0,t)=0 and u[x](1,t)=4 where u[x] is differentiating u with respect to x. I can code for non derivative boundary conditions using a for loop. Is the process similar? I have tried to find some examples on the internet but can't find any.
I follow the instructions in the User Manual section 5.2: Dragging to a Plot Region To use the drag-and-drop method, use the plot region created by one of the other methods or insert an empty plot region into the document. Empty plot regions can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Advantages of the drag-and-drop method include the ease of adding and removing plots and the independence from plotting command syntax. 1. From the Insert menu, select Plot, and then 2D. 2. Enter the expression sin(x) in an input region. 3. Select the full expression in the input region and drag it into the plot region.
Hi, I was wondering, how the Boolean matrices can be operated (multiplied, added etc) in Maple? Can we find their eigenvalues etc? Your reply would do great help to me. Many Thanks. Athar Kharal

TangentPlane( x^2+y^2, x=a,y=b);

Error, (in VectorCalculus:-TangentPlane) 2 independent variables 
are required

However this is copied from the Help, last example, (2.8). What wrong in this example? Thanks, Sandor
greeting, i have a little trouble and getting under pressure.. i found how to "plot" circle using smartpot; i found how to get two curves into one graph by with(plots): f1:=plot(3*x^2,x=-4..4, color=orange): f2:=plot(-3*x^2+40,x=-4..4,color=blue): display(f1,f2); but i can't get things like two circles into one (i tried combining with(plots) combined with smartplot.. can anyone advise me for the case i can't find the answer? thanks
hi i know a little bit about maple, i am able to input commands for it to solve non-power series equations but i do not know how to input commands for solving equations involving the Sine Integral fucntion, Si (x) thanks in advance
Im new to maple and im stuck! How would i "Calculate an approximate real solution, correct to 10sigfig, of hte equation x^3+x-1+0"? Thanx x
Hi All. To find all solutions to a trig eqn in Maple 11 you do the following (See attached file). My question is what commands do I use in Maple 10 to replicate the Maple 11 results. M11 is too slow on my machine. (in M10 all i get is error message "solutions lost"). rgds View 2735_Solutions with on MapleNet or Download 2735_Solutions with
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