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I have been reaading previous posts on plotting Dirac functions; in particular: Plotting the Dirac Function and How do I plot Cos(w*t) in frequency domain?

I'm doing a series expansion of complicated expressions using Maple. How can I limit the number of terms, and not the order of the series? To be more precise, I need the series up to x^2, but when I ask for series(expr,x,3) I get terms of x^(2.5) which I don't need. How can I get rid of them without dropping the x^2 terms? series(expr,x,2) truncates them.

Thanks a lot to whomever can help!

Hello Maple experts,


There are some routines in Maple's library which, when called the first time, redefine themselves.

One plausible explanation for this is that the new versions are session dependent (external calls, say) while also more efficient to call (repeatedly).

For example, consider StringTools:-Join which seems typical of that package. First, consider it before it's been called at all.

> restart:
> showstat(StringTools:-Join);
StringTools:-Join := proc(...


Plotting a procedure is this possible?

Greetings All

I’ve worked out a Fourier Series Expansion using excel and verified it by graphing it in excel to check my results.  See example

Hello all!

I'm am trying to replicate a Berkeley MADONNA problem in MAPLE, and I'm having problems. For those with the great book "Chemical Engineering Dynamics" by Ingham, Dunn, Heinzle, Prevosil, Snape, it's the BUBBLE program.


I am haveing one or two issues with vectors.

I am trying to calculate the Angle.

The angle is between

a = s -d -f

b = 3s + d

and then the unit vector which lies perpendicular to a and b


To figure to angle out would you use

cos(theta) = a.b / ( |a| * |b| )

Am i way off or am i close?



I have been playing around with vectors, and have managed to do all the usual mathmatical things with them, except for this.

How do i figure the value for |a|

I have vectors a, b, c.

I have tried help, and google, but cant seem to find out how to find |a|

Any help appreciated, thanks.

I'd welcome some advice please on how to control the points Maple uses when plotting in 2D. I have a function f(i) and I'd like it only to plot the points where i is an integer. I have tried including assuming (i::integer) but this seems to make no difference - maybe I have the syntax wrong. I have found the POINTS option but haven't worked how to use this for, eg, 100 points f(1), f(2), f(3) ....... without inputting each point separately (very tedious!) [in fact, even doing this for a few points I still cannot get it to work].

Any help very gratefully received.

Good morning everyone

I have a question concerning Maple file output. Is there a way, that I can produce multiple files with Maple using a loop? My main problem is how to get Maple to create files with different names, like file1.txt -> file2.txt -> file3.txt ..... because so far i figured, that

fopen("file[i].txt",WRITE) , with i beeing the loop index

does not work :)

Thank you for any help



Hi, I m using the Nonlinearfit command .the fit is very good and gives reasonable values for the parameters of he fitting but Maple says the Residual Mean Squre value is not available when I use the command


please any one know the meaning?thanks


How do I add my own functions to the nonitalic list like sin, ln etc? I want eg. Col(A) and span{...} to not be in italic automatically.

I've seen in the typesetting rules, and tried adding them to dependency suppresion, but that doesn't accomplish anything :p

And #2: When I write {....}, I always get "Error, unable to match delimiters" on the last "}" -- how do I remove that message?



My function is: p(x) = 2*x^5-5*x^4+3*x^3-3*x^2+x+2. Question about this:

1. Find the 1st derivative of this function and plot it.

2. Find the 2nd derivative of this function and plot it.

3. Find the 3rd derivative of this function and plot it.

4. Find the 4th derivative of this function and plot it.

5. Plot p(x) and its derivative ont the same set of axes that clearly displays both graphs and all relative max and min. Use Paint menu to clearly label the functuon and it's derivative.

How do i go about identifying all horizontal and vertical asymptotes for a given problem?

Lets say (6x^2)/(x^3+2x^2-5x) for example, with multiple powers. How do I identify all of the asmpytotes?


And I was also curious, does every undefined value of f(x) lead to a vertical asymptote? Can the graph of of a function cross the graph of its horizontal or vertical asymptotes, and how many horizontal asymptotes can a graph have?

I need to answer a question, using maple, mathcad, or a similar algebra solver.

I have a little experience in Maple, and thought it would be easy, buts its not, here is the question.

The question is


Let P and Q be two points in the x-y plane with coordinates (1,2)  and (1,-1) respectively with respect to an origin O. Express OP, OQ and QP in the form Ai  + Bj   where A and B are scalars. Let R be a point on OP so that OR = 1/3OP . Find OR and QR in terms of i  and j .


I have no idea how to do this.

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