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I have 2   equations that must be zero, and 2 ODE's for phi and theta

Vector(2, {(1) = `ϕ`(tau)-1.5*sin(`ϑ`(tau)), (2) = -`ϕ`(tau)^2+1.5*cos(`ϑ`(tau))})

how can i implement this quations with event statment .  this dose't work


event1 := [[`and`(gln[1], gln[2]), halt]]



A complicated programmed task for me
I must analyze this 

In this plot there are vertical  walls connected with the step area's , but that its not wanted.
Also the domain is showed by adding 0 in the plot 3d( {0, 'g(x,y)'}, ...) and this distract the plot with the step area's
Its not needed the domain in the plot ( in order to get the 0 value for z )     

The 3 axis x,y,z  are not visible in the plot 
Seems to be not complete programmed as it just to be.





     local n,m,i,j,val;


       for i from 1 to n-1 do

         for j from 1 to m-1 do

         if (A[i]<=x and x<A[i+1]) and

            (B[j]<=y and y< B[j+1]) then val:=T[i,j];

         end if;

          end do;

       end do;


   end proc:




A := [0, 1, 2]


B := [0, 1, 2]


array( 1 .. 2, 1 .. 2, [( 2, 1 ) = (1.5), ( 1, 1 ) = (1), ( 2, 2 ) = (1), ( 1, 2 ) = (2)  ] )




proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; f(A, B, T, x, y) end proc









 I want to find all real roots of   equation x^2 + floor(x) - 10=0

solve(x^2+floor(x)-10,x) assuming x::real 

maple tells me:

  RootOf(_Z^2 + floor(_Z) - 10)


RootOf(_Z^2 + floor(_Z) - 10, 2.828427125 + 0.*I)

even though  usRealDomain.

use RealDomain in  solve(x^2+floor(x)-10,x) end use

We get nothing!

So I trun to use fsolve.




                     s := {x = 2.828427125}



I try to use mathematica, it is good:

Solve[x^2 + Floor[x] - 10 == 0, x, Reals]

Could Maple  do that?







In the same spirit of my previous question about converting a Mathapp to a GIF format, ( for educational goal)  Ideas?


With showstat( )  i can see procedure body 
But it is also possible for tools : assistant, math apps, tutors and tasks ?

In library all proc are public.

I'm willing to draw phase portrait for the equation of ode fifth order


where a and b are arbitrary constant not equal to zero and (') represents derivative w.r.t  'x'.

I'm getting no solution for the attached pdf.  Kindly suggest!

Maple Worksheet - Error

Hi dears

Just a simple question: I am trying to restore the coefficients of a polynomial in a vector, respect to a list of variables. For example

    f := a u[] u[1] u[2] + c u[2] v[] v[1] + d u[] u[2] v[1] + d u[] v[1] v[2] + b u[1] u[2]+fu[]v[]
       (a u[] + b) u[1] u[2] + (c v[] + d u[]) u[2] v[1] + d u[] v[1] v[2]+fu[]v[]


in above example I intend to keep (a u[] + b) and (c v[] + d u[]) and d and fu[]v[] in a vector or a varieble. Is there any comments?

Thanks indeed in advence

Here in the above graph we are trying to find the longest distance between two vertices For example now say we consider vertices v_2 and v_4 in the above graph 

P_1 , P_2 ,P_3 are different possible path length in the above graph between v_2 and v_4  and it can be seen now the longest distance is 3 as it is the greatest among all lengths between v_2 and v_4


AllPathshortest only does the shortest path


can anyone help in the in general  finding the longest path between two vertices a graph if i give the

graph and the two vertices it should longest distance

here between v_2 and v_4 longest or greatest distance is 3 which should  greatest length of the several different paths between v_ 2 and v_4 itself

it should display that value.

kind help if anyone can

See the following code


When I run x1=1 and x2=1, but x3=4. But x2 should be 2. I presume this has something to do with the fact that when sum sees u[1] it already thinks it knows what u[1] is, but when it sees u[1]^2 it recalculates.  I realize that "add" would solve the problem here, but I thought for short sums sum called add. Suggestions?




I am working on a series of educational activities on the added value of the GIF format in collaborative work.
How to convert this Math App to animated format , exportable to GIF, keeping all variable values ( Circle area, Polygon area. ) Ideas? In advance Thank you


   My question should have a straight forward answer but after considerable searching I am unable to find one that is satisfactory. I am new to Maple.

I am writing an exam question, and I would like to change the parameter values to create different versions of the same question. I begin by defining the parameters and defining the supply schedule:

n:= 10: alpha:= -60: beta:= 20:

Qs:= alpha + beta*P;

The question with text and inserted math appears as follows (after each math expression I use CTRL = to generate an inline expression):

There are n = 10 identical firms. Supply is given by Qs = 20 P - 60. When P := 4 = 4 then quantity supplied is equal to Qs = 20. Calculate the ...

What I want instead is the following:

There are 10 identical firms. Supply is given by Qs = 20 P - 60. When P = 4 then quantity supplied is equal to 20.  Calculate the ...

I want the values highlighted in blue to update if I change the values for n, alpha and beta, and then click the !!! button in the Maple menu. I am okay with moving the "P = 4" out of the question and defining it as a parameter along with n, alpha and beta. However, when I do this Qs evaluates as a value rather than the Qs = 20P - 60 expression.

Thank you very much.




How one can plot a vector (field) defined in Physics[Vectors] package ?

F_:=r _r + phi^2 _phi

I could normally use fieldplot/fieldplot3d from plots package to plot vector fields from VectorCalculus package, but with Physics[Vectors] package, I am not sure how to plot these. Can you show me a way to plot Physics[Vector] vectors?


We have just run into a problem (loss of data), when 2 users have opened the same workbook.

Does Maple support Multiuser access to a workbook, and if not - why isn't there any lock mechanism in place to prevent that?

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