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Why did you change the date anyways?  Since Maple checks the date of your system it's flagged because your install date is ahead of the real date.

Try changing your date to a time ahead of the maple install files.

Based on the information you gave it sounds like it's more of a dropbox issue than a Maple issue.  Dropbox is a file hosting service, so it probably just picks the first file you saved to dropbox rather than the latest version file with the same name. 

I would suggest each time you save a file to dropbox, just give it a different name.


It appears the list in the help menu search results are limited to 200 elements.

I think the limit should be removed altogether.


I can't see your equations but look at the help page on geom3d.

Use a semilcolon with equals to assign values.



perhaps this is what you would like


X := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1))



Y := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 2))



a := Statistics:-Sample(X, 10):

b := Statistics:-Sample(Y, 10):



while Correlation(a, b) < .8 do a := Sample(X, 10); b := Sample(Y, 10) end do; Correlation(a, b); c := a+b; combinat:-randcomb(convert(c, list), 1)





An alternate way although slightly unconventional, but we end up with the proper sequence

seq(op([1/j, -1/(2*j)^2]), j = 1 .. 10, 2)

      1, -1/4, 1/3, -1/36, 1/5, -1/100, 1/7, -1/196, 1/9, -1/324




What about just nops?




There may be some discrepancies






If you wanted to force a new line on your own before getting to the end of the screen shift+enter would also continue the command.


This is the best way to view just the titles.

**edit added** ah yes, nevermind, I see you found it by clicking on the Recent button which I've never noticed.  I generally just type in the location above in the address bar and go directly to the list.  I rarely ever use the mapleprimes home page if ever. 

[seq(add(a[ .. i]), i = 1 .. nops(a))]
                         [ 1, 3, 6, 10]

Maple 2016.1a is now available at the Maplesoft website that fixes this issue.


Ok finally I managed to reproduce what you might be experiencing.

The issue has to do with using the greek letter Pi and then using the wordPi.


going back deleting Pi and replacing it with ∏ or 2*∏ then again going back deleting and replacing it with Pi.

That's what I've been able to find. 





My x^2 issue I found was just bad syntax there is no problem there.  Your plot issue was just you putting the wrong variable to the range.

I can not replicate any errors you produce.  Have been able to replicate the errors on another worksheet?  Are you using windows 10?  or  Mac?


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