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Here's another way outside of using the SearchAll you requested.  I noticed you were using the StringTools package anyway, so you could also use CharacterFrequencies if you wanted.

a:="tre - tre - tre":
                                     "-" = 2


I found LibraryTools difficult to use for such a thing.  Unless you are a strong coder then you could make LibraryTools work for you.  Otherwise it's basically a dead end for any beginner - myself I got lost trying to decipher the package.

I resorted to trying to copy the index, packages page into excel but I was derailed when the copy paste (crtl-c crtl-v) didn't work.  This frustrated me to no end that there is no easy solution for your problem.  Unless someone is a coding wizard in Maple you won't have much luck doing it yourself.


The reason parts of your axes and tickmarks becoming hard to read is because of the lightmodel.  Personally I don't believe it should affect the lighting on the axes just the model (or at least have an option - there is a workaround for that I think - haven't tried but I would create a separate axes using plottools and then your model and combine the two.

Regarding not being able to see your tickmarks change your lightmodel=none.  That will stop your axes from changing tones of of color as you rotate your model.  The color mathematica is using looks like color="#666666" (funny like there's two devils in there but I digress)

The closest I could get to the color of mathematica's model was to use color="DarkGoldenrod" with lightmodel=light4

ADDENDUM : Interestingly Maple12's plot has the 3d model away from the framed axes - not sure what version they changed it to meet the framed axes but there was probably a complaint from a user wondering why there was a space between the frame and the model. 
   re - tickmarks - Maple throughout history has always had them on the outside.  Mathematica's space is there so the inside tickmarks do not interfere with the drawn model.  With a bit of work using plottools you can create your own axes with tickmarks on the inside if you want to make it look like how Mathtematica does it.  There's no standard way - it's usually the case when someone is exposed to the ways one software does it that it sets the persons standards - we don't like change, so if it's different from what we are normally acustomed to seeing - it manifests itself as a nuisance. 

You could try local

local %;

                    20 %


                    60 %

I'm not sure, maybe someone saw it as a duplicate question and deleted one of them.  I hate it when people do that, some answers contained in one may be different than one contained in another + looks like you put a lot of work into an answer and someone just blinked it out of existance.

I created something a while back.  See here

SIR model without DE's. 

Here are the equations. 

Sn = Sn-1 - ( ( Sn-1 / S ) * ( β * In-1 ) )  # Number of susceptible people

In = In-1 + ( Sn-1 /S ) * ( B * In-1 ) - ( In-1 * γ )  # Number of infected people

Rn = Rn-1 + ( In-1 * γ )  # Number of recovered people

γ - rate of recovery
β - rate of infection

So for your model 45 days (I've heard a recovery rate of 2 weeks) so the rate of recovery would be 1/45 = 0.022.  I think for the infection rate, for the U.S. it's doubling about every 2.5 days so here the rate is 1/2.5 = 0.4 (Australia's rate is actually just slightly less than 4days)

Hope this helps.



For your interest, here is a list of windows preview supported file types.  As you can see there are no maple supported file types

Documents: csv, doc, docm, docx, dotx, eml, msg, odp, ods, odt, pdf, pot, potm, potx, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx, rtf, vsd, vsdx, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx

Images: ai, arw, bmp, cr2, eps, erf, gif, ico, icon, jpeg, jpg, mrw, nef, orf, pict, png, psd, tif, tiff

Video: 3gp, m4v, mov, mp4, wmv

3D: 3mf, fbx, obj, ply, stl

Medical: dcm, dcm30, dic, dicm, dicom

Text and code: abap, ada, adp, ahk, as, as3, asc, ascx, asm, asp, awk, bash, bash_login, bash_logout, bash_profile, bashrc, bat, bib, bsh, build, builder, c, c++, capfile, cc, cfc, cfm, cfml, cl, clj, cls, cmake, cmd, coffee, cpp, cpt, cpy, cs, cshtml, cson, csproj, css, ctp, cxx, d, ddl, di, dif, diff, disco, dml, dtd, dtml, el, emakefile, erb, erl, f, f90, f95, fs, fsi, fsscript, fsx, gemfile, gemspec, gitconfig, go, groovy, gvy, h, h++, haml, handlebars, hbs, hcp, hh, hpp, hrl, hs, htc, hxx, idl, iim, inc, inf, ini, inl, ipp, irbrc, jade, jav, java, js, jsp, jsx, l, less, lhs, lisp, log, lst, ltx, lua, m, make, markdn, markdown, md, mdown, mkdn, ml, mli, mll, mly, mm, mud, nfo, opml, osascript, out, p, pas, patch, php, php2, php3, php4, php5, phtml, pl, plist, pm, pod, pp, profile, properties, ps1, pt, py, pyw, r, rake, rb, rbx, rc, re, readme, reg, rest, resw, resx, rhtml, rjs, rprofile, rpy, rss, rst, rxml, s, sass, scala, scm, sconscript, sconstruct, script, scss, sgml, sh, shtml, sml, sql, sty, tcl, tex, text, textile, tld, tli, tmpl, tpl, txt, vb, vi, vim, wsdl, xhtml, xml, xoml, xsd, xsl, xslt, yaml, yaws, yml, zsh

In Maple V R4 it is possible to specify multiple light sources.  This suggests that if one wants to deal with multiple light sources one must revert, at most, all the way back to Maple V.

How is it possible that as Maple gets more powerful we loose functionality?  And it's not just one version, it's many of the new versions where multiple lighting is not possible (if it is, please show me the workaround I am very interested if there is one).  I'm not saying Maple V is more powerful than maple 2019 but with respect to lighting .. it actually is! 



          [4, 9, 6]


          [2, 1, 8]

I'm actually not sure if this will work, don't have acces to Maple. 

Try th option LINESTYLE(1)

The answer of your expr is never -'ve.  So sign(expr) will give 1 and not -1.



Yes, if you use back quotes around your primed variable.



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