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If you use answer people can vote up (5 points) for your answer if they like it.  Or if you have a good enough question and people like it or favorite it, each is another 5 points.  Using reply to answer, won't allow anyone to vote up your answer.

I'm not sure but it could be font related.  I noticed the language is Danish?  Maybe downloading the Danish font, I don't know.  I loaded your file into Word and Notepad but it was blank - it could be because I don't have the Danish font, maybe someone else could check it out. 

You want to solve for x?

For the first one

                                   eq := -2*x-2 = -4*x+4



You can do the rest.


use quotes around *

withoutstar := StringTools[Remove]("*", convert(a, string))

                                                     withoutstar := "2x-5"

Searching my repository I have surprisingly found the files that are required for this document.
  I have uploaded it.

Instructions on how to install are in the file (the old way packages used to be installed) it used .ind and .lib files.  I'm not sure how that will work with Maple 2017.  

No, your activation code has to be reset, send Maple's customer service team an email at and let them know that you need to reinstall on your new computer.

It could be the fonts aren't loaded for those characters.

There seems to be a problem with having a variable a[0] and a.  When you set a[0]=2 the value is 2 but when you assign a:=0.5 your value of a[0] becomes 2o which I think is causing the problems

Change your variable a[0] a different variable, say c and it should work out.


print(cat(a-frac(a), "-", frac(a)))  # output display as a mixed fraction
                                                    3 - 1/2



end proc:




Also I've noticed for while, the last line cursor is slightly hidden, but I've generally just ignored that issue.

As to your issue, you could minimize the maple window to the top half of your monitor screen and then the bottom of the Maple content in the window will always be in the middle of your screen.  I don't think there's a default process to bring the cursor to eye level. 

I think I see what you're getting at .. I don't tend to find this an issue. 

Note pi should Pi.

Do cos(Pi/2.) or evalf(cos(Pi/2)


So if Zylinder is your variable of the CAD file (I didn't have an STY file don't know what CAD program that came from - so I downloaded a sample .STL CAD file and used that for trial - should work the same.

I believe your formating of the animate command is incorrect, try ....




With the STL file I used (I can upload if anyone wants it for a working example-let me know) I used an interval of 1..5 and it took 43 seconds to generate.

What is g?

Firstly g should be the full pathname of the file location.  Otherwise the filename `g` may not be in the homedir for maple.  Alternatively the file that g is may be in a place where Windows doesn't allow modification to it's files.  Did you upgrade windows recently?

In some ways I agree.  However I think you've struck on a good point.  Any Mapleprimes user who's count is above a certain value can delete whatever they want.  Really, it should be flagged with good reason to be deleted but first evaluated before being deleted by the site administrators. 

Personally I have never deleted someone elses content.  You can ask site administrators to restore content if you ask them, if you believe a post/question was deleted wrongly.



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