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I am generating a lot of random graphs in Maple, and I need to generate the LaTeX code for these graphs. It has been working very well, until now, when I got to weighted graphs. The LaTeX code does not create the weights. I know I can modify the code to add the weights, but my question is two-fold: why aren't the weights automatically generated? is it possible to have the weight automatically generated, how? Nothing in the documentation appears to address these issues.


An example of what I attempting to do is in the attached worksheet.



I use the plots:-shadebetween( ) command quite a bit to visualize volume under a surface over a planar rectangular region. Is there a way, using this same command, to see said volume over a non-rectangular region? For example, the region bounded above by z = x^2 + y^2, having a triangle base 0<=x<=1, 0<=y<=x. If this command does not allow for this, is there some other solution?


How do I get Maple to reduce/simplify the following difference quotient to its lowest terms? Basically I need Maple to rationalize the numerator. Any suggestions on how to do this?

f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; sqrt(2*x+1) end proc

proc (x) options operator, arrow; sqrt(2*x+1) end proc














I'm trying to approximate the solution of an IVP using Euler's method in the InitialValueProblem command and I keep getting this error (see attached worksheet). Can someone explain why? Thanks!



InitialValueProblem((D(y))(t) = t*y(t)+1/y(t), y(0) = 3, t = 2, method = euler, numsteps = 5, output = solution)

Error, (in dsolve/numeric) array output cannot be obtained for problems containing global variables





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