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Hello everybody – It looks like there is a bug in the numerical evaluation of (multiple) Zeta function. Take for instance, Zeta(3, 0.5) which is approximately 8.4144. Maple gives approximaterly -96.0033. Is there a bug somewhere?

Thank you


Consider the following example:


>> Maple express the second derivative of Legendre polynomial as


This form cannot, for instance, be integrated if we set n, for example, to 2.

i was wondering whether there is a trick to force Maple to express those derivatives in term of P_n using the relevent recurrence relations. This will help for further manipulations.


Thanks a lot!




Say that we have three matrices X, Z, and A of equal size such that Size(X) = Size(Y) = Size(A) = [10 14].

Here, X[i, j] = X[i + 1, j] and Y[i, j] = Y[i, j + 1], i.e. X and Y are the grid in Matlab notation.

i found that countourplot can provide the contour plot for a bivariate function f(x,y). i was wondering whether this can also be done in Maple for matrices. Any help is highly appreciated – thank you,




While solving a math problem, one has to deal with a system of 25 linear equations with a parameter s (Laplace transform variable). i tried formulating the system in a matrix form using GenerateMatrix and inverting the system using solve with LU or QR method but without success. i attach a minimal working environment for the system of equations at hand. Any help or advice is highly appreciated – thank you!

Hello Everybody,

For a numerical evaluation of the inverse Laplace transform, the Gaver-Stehfest Method generally works well for quite many usual functions. However, the function of interest stated below, which results from solving a mathematical physical problem, seems to pose severe problems using this algorithm. Ths solution is found to be strongly oscillating and non converging.

>> I was wondering whether someone here could try to help a bit to invert numerically the following complicated function.

Thank you




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