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Hi, When I write the following commands.. I get only one surface in R3.. is not possible to add one option to have more surface levels (automatically)? implicitplot3d(x*y*z, x=0..10,y=0..10,z=0..10); implicitplot3d((10-x)*(10-y)*(10-z)^2,x=0..10,y=0..10,z=0..10); In fact, in contourplot we have one option contours=10 which allow us to draw the 10 contour levels.. Is not possible to do something similar with implicitplot3d?. Thanks in advance for your comments. JJ
Hi, I use maple 10.01 (and WinEdt 5.4) and I don't know how to import some graphics to Latex. Assuming that I want to have the output of plot(x^2, x=-2..3); appearing in my file (Dvi, ps or pdf).. How should I proceed? Thanks in advance for your help. JJ
I have the following points in R-2, (1,1) , (3,4), (1,5), (0-4), (-3,1). How may I obtain graphically the minimal convex set with contains all this points?. I found the commad convexhull.. but I am not sure how to use it. (I use Maple10) Thanks in advance, JJacques
Hi Maple's experts! I have two questions related to "iso-product" lines (in economics): 1. I draw the following graphs F:=plot3d( min(x,30*y), x=0..20, y=0..20): G:=plot3d( min(20*x,y), x=0..20, y=0..20): display({F,G}); a) How could I graph the contourlevels of the "combined" graphic of F and G? b) Obviously, the contourlevels are not convex.. it would be possible to "convexify" that?. 2. How could I do the same a) and b) if F:=plot3d( min(x,30*y), x=0..20, y=0..20): G:=plot3d( min(20*x,y), x=0..20, y=0..20): H:=plot3d( 3*(x*y)^(1/2), x=0..20, y=0..20); display({F,G,H});
Hello experts! I have the following problem. Considering the graphic: with(plots) p1:= contourplot( x*y, x=0..10, y=0..20, contours=20); p2:= contourplot((10-x)*(20-y)^2,, contours=20); display(p1,p2); How could I draw the line containing (all) the tangency points (of the curves of p1 and p2)? It would be possible to do that with Maple? Thanks in advance for your help, Jean Jacques.
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