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Dear MapleUsers,


I was trying to run this couple of instruction copied below, but I cannot obtain any result. Did I forget to include some package?. I am using Maple 10.

In the FIRST case I get a message:

        Error, (in simpl/min) arguments must be of type algebraic
       Plotting error, empty plot

In the SECOND case the error message is:


      Error, (in unknown) invalid argument

Dear Maple users,

How may I enter in MAPLE the function

f(x,y) = x*y /(x^2+y^2)  IF  (x,y) different from (0,0), and

f(x,y) = 0  IF  (x,y) =(0,0) ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Good morning,

I have the following question. I write the following command

t1 := taylor( sin(x), x=0, 6);

How may I plot "t1" excluding  the term O(x^6)?

plot( t1, x=-3..3) does not work -probably- because O(x^6).

Thanks in advance,


I want to maximize x*y*z subject to U= (10-x)*(10-y)*(10-z). My Lagrangian function is: L:= x*y*z + lambda* (U - (10-x)*(10-y)*(10-z)); # (I assume that values of x,y,z are between 0 and 10) assume(x>0,x
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