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Why on earth is Maple giving me all these solutions compared to last year??

Last year:




As title says, when I enter equation in math mode and switch to text mode and hit "enter" to go to the next line then it gets executed, usually in former versions it didnt execute and was much faster for me to use the program this way.

How do I fix this? I don't want to use shift-F5 all the time to make the text unexecutable, I would like it to be like in the old version prior to 2019.

Now it does this which is really annoying, I dont want it to execute when changing line!

Best regards


Okay I don't know why, but at some point my document went crazy somehow, so I closed it and when I opened it again it was like this ... the whole document, all what I had made, it was in one single line... =/


Just like this:


Can anyone help? Please... if I copy paste it to like word, I get it all shown, so it IS there..

Hello people, Recently I recieved some help with binomial-solutions. I will most likely come with more questions while I'm working my way through my homework. In a bag there are 4 red marbles, 5 blue balls and 6 white balls. We select randomly and simultaneously 3 balls from the bag. What is the probability for each of the following events; a) The 3 balls have different colors. I did: binomial(4, 1)*binomial(5, 1)*binomial(6, 1)/binomial(15, 3) b) The 3 balls are all the same color. I did: (binomial(4, 3)+binomial(5, 3)+binomial(6, 3))/binomial(15, 3)
Look at the link below, for image! Thanks, Jonas
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