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hi, for example i have this equation:

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i need to factorise it so that i have all of the eta^2*g^2 terms together, can somebody pls show me.


thank you


hi, maple wont solve this...

L=1:  seq([fsolve(cos(beta*L)cosh(beta*L)-1=0,beta)],n=1..6);


can anyone pls offer some insight into this.



hi, i have a set of roots, say [a,b,c,d]. how do i make them so that maple will give me the roots like this:  {m=a},{m=b},{m=c},{m=d} ?



hi, suppose

integers:=[`$`(-10..10)]; selectremove(`<`,integers,0);

so this separates +ve and -ve. But, if the range of values are complex, how do we separate them based on the +ve and -ve of the real part of the complex number? i.e I want to separate all a +- bi from all -a +- bi.



Hi I am trying to plot sin (pi x) but maple says

Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct

I cant understand this warning, as when i put 3.14 instead of pi it plots a nice graph.


Please help

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