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hello, how do I simplify an equation in cos and sin (or any other) into either of only cos or only sin. for example, imagine we have y=sinx + cosx. How do we ask maple to change the whole equation into terms of only sin or only cos?


tank you

Hi, sorry to post this as I have read past topics about roots but havent really understoond much.

I have an equation that gives 8 roots. some of them can be real and some can be imaginary. how do i list them separately? I attach the worksheet...


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hello, i am generating an eigenvector of three elements. i need to assign each element a parameter...u,v,w. so for example if the vector is [1,2,3] then i want to assign u=1,v=2,w=3. can somebody pls show me.

the big picture is that i have 4 roots, and for each root i will have 4 eigenvectors, and i need to assign them to u[i],v[i],w[i], where i=1..4.


thank you

hi i think this is an easy one,

for a from 1 to 3 do sol:=solve(x^2=16*a,x) end do;

ok this gives us 6 solutions, 2 for each value of a. how do i display a particular solution?, for example i just want to display the solution when a=2, and then i just want the second solution of a=3... hope this makes sense


Thank you.

I am trying to substitute 2 solutions from each loop into a general matrix but i cannot do this.


File attached.


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