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Hello I need to find the eigen vectors for eight solutions of an eighth order equation in the parameter 'm' .

This is simple, however I have a 'do' command that generates 2 of these equations, with two values of lambda which you can see in the attached file

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Hello, i have attached the file here.

Basically i have an eighth order equation in m. This will produce eight solutions of m. Then i need to substitute each solution of m into a matrix, say M. Thus generating a matrix for each m value. Can someone show me how to do this please...

Hi I need to find the solutions of sin(x)=0 in terms of n*pi... Can maple do this?




I have a matrix of 2x2. the elements for example can be [x, x^2; 3x, 10x]. The determinant must be zero. Numerically, how do I construct a loop that finds me the solution of x?


Thank you.

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