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hello how do i use bracekt for several lines, like in this picture I need to write this in maple.

i already know how to setup matrices for nX1 or 1Xn (as in vector) or multiples such as

nXn (square matrice) or nXm (a none square matrice)

I also know that we have this premade "sketch"

but I need for several line and some times I need on the right side and some time I need on the left side.

but rarely on both sides (and if I need on both side I will just use a matrice)

can you help me


regards OrbitA

hello how do i define new units of multiple units. so i am able to choose them inside the Choose Unit in the rigth side

because as you can see there are not an option to define this as Unit -> [J/(K*mol)]

instead i have the option to use [m^2*kg/(s^2*K*mol)]

because i seen that you can defijne and install new units i just dont know how to impliment it so they alway remember my new units without i am suposed to initialize it with a command at top of my script

ps i also dont know how to define my new unit an just run that command at top of my script either.

but it would be better if it is permanent installed

i ask because i have several other units that is trublesome in maple (being in chemistry, we dont always use SI units) so molar [M] is also some times trublesome


as mapleprime often ask if we can include code i will do that

write this formula


and use the simplify command in the right side and see that the unit is


helle to your all


as i can see there are functions to show steps of a calculation

such as ExpandSteps() and ShowSolution()

but would it not be possible to use these or some other function to show steps of the function called isolate()

it should be trivial since most online calculators are able to do this. and so does maple in the back - we just don't see the steps only the result


thanks regards mikkel


hello i startet using subs. and i got a problem, my expression is only finished and valid if it stands in the factorised version. i am calculating some koefficients and then with subs i am trying to insert it back into the original expression. but it always expand and simplyfy. looking at it, i can see it is a oneway arrow => after the simplicifaction, so it is impossible to rearrange.

what i would like it to happen is the expression i am asking subs to insert a koefficient into is insertet only, and not evaluated and rearrange. can i use a tecknique er something to stop the evaluation and only perform an insertion.

my equation are

a*(2*A + 2*B) + b*(C) = c*(2*A + B) + d*(B*2) + e*(C + 4*B)

i have calculated the koefficients as

{a = 6, b = 1, c = 6, d = 1, e = 1}

i would like it to look like this when i use subs

6*(2*A + 2*B) + 1(C) = 6*(2*A + B) + 1*(B*2) + 1(C + 4*B)      

but it looks like this

12*A + 12*B + C = 12*A + 12*B + C


hello i am trying to remove "[ ]" from an expression so it can be used inside a solve function.

the problem is (eqs) has an "[ ]" outside the expression so it lookslike this "[a = c, a = d, 4*a = e, b = 2*e, b = c + 2*d + 2*f]"

how can i remove [] from this expression?



eq := a*(K + Mn + 4*O) + b*(H + Cl) = c*(K + Cl) + d*(Mn + 2*Cl) + e*(2*H + O) + 2*f*Cl;
elems := [K, Mn, O, H, Cl];
eqr := collect(expand(rhs(eq)), elems);
eql := collect(expand(lhs(eq)), elems);
eqs := zip(`=`, map2(coeff, eql, elems), map2(coeff, eqr, elems));
solve([eq, eqs, a = 1]);



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