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These are questions asked by animeplot


Imagine you have an irregular polygon as follows:

restart; with(plottools):with(plots):


with vertices that can be easily defined, and that you have an arbitrary point P(x,y) with coordinates of (x) and (y). I want Maple to check whether the point P(x,y) is inside or outside the polygon. In Matlab, the command (inpolygon) can be used for such a task. Is there a similar readily available command in Maple. 

Thank you very much for your help and support. 


I have created a Maple Workbook in which two worksheets are included. One worksheet does all the work and is password protected, while the other allows the user to insert input parameters and to view results.  In the password protected worksheet, I return the required results using the following statement:

> return matrix(G),matrix(A),matrix(DR),figplot

where the last returned item, figplot, is a figure (display(..., size = [600,600])).

When the results are requested in the other worksheet, Maple stacks the results on the same line, and when the width is not enough, the results overflow into the line next to it. I have two questions:

1- How can I print the returned entities (matrix(G), matrix(A), matrix(DR), figplot) on seperate lines instead of having them stacked in the same line?

2- Although I am specifying the size of the plot, when returned, the plot is very small. 

I tried to to return the output in a column matrix as follows:

> return matrix(3,1,[matrix(G), [matrix(A),matrix(DR)], figplot])

and it worked but the column matrix brackets encompass the results (looks ugly) and the figure shown is still very small and not according to the required size.


Thank you very much for your help



I have a list of displayed sequences  

S[j]:=display(seq(R1[i],i=,seq(R[i],i=, scaling = constrained, axes = none);

that can be animated easily in a worksheet using the following command 

display(seq(S[n]$5, n=1..10), insequence=true);

but when I try to embed that in a maplet, it doesnt work. The problem is with insequence. I removed insequence and the maplet showed S[10]. What else can I use?  

What can I do to have the maplet show the sequence of displays? Is there a way to use the animate command here?

Thanks for the help. 


Imagine three isosceles triangles with coordinates of each stored in a matrix such as:

> coord1:=Matrix(3,2,[0,0,5,0,2.5,4]);

> coord2:=Matrix(3,2,[2,0,7,0,4.5,4]);

> coord3:=Matrix(3,2,[4,0,9,0,6.5,4]);

and plotted together as follows (only the first is shown)

> PLOT(CURVES([[0,0],[5,0],[2.5,4],[0,0]]),COLOR(HUE,1));

I want to create an animation with stationary (original) isosceles triangles in the background along with new isosceles triangles generated by incrementally (say 4 increments) moving only the apex of each triangle until it touches the base of the triangle; obtained by multiplying the apex’s vertical coordinate by (say ¼) in each increment using a do loop. 

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



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