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When I click the "blogs" tab at the top, I do not get a list of blogs, but only "Bratva's blog" (in Cyrillic). Needs a fix...
I remembered another request I have for Maple. Something that was available in the past for Maple under Mac OS. But not now. (So I have it set up with QuicKeys to do what I want.)

We now have return and shift-return to do two different things. I'd like to be able to switch these, or to let enter do one of them independent of which return does.

OK, in posting a new blog, there is an "Attachment" section... So I could add the three GIFs. They don't show up in the preview, but they did come out when I actually posted...

> sum((-2)^k, k=1..infinity);

sum((-2)^k, k = 1 .. infinity) 

> _EnvFormal := true;

(Typesetting:-mprintslash)([_EnvFormal := true], [true]) 

Is there an option to mark all posts read? Either for individual forums or for the whole board?
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