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My signature isn't showing up.
When I upgraded my Mac G5 from OS 10.3 to OS 10.4, the OS X versions of Maple (Maple 9.5 and Maple 10) continued to work. But the classic versions of Maple (Maple 7 and Maple Vr5) quit working. It turns out that the classic versions will run in OS 10.4 if the following files (perhaps from an old "System Folder") are moved into the "Extensions" folder of the active classic OS 9 "System Folder":
Can you movie the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons? Maybe just below the "Body" box, above all the others (Input Format, Creative Commons, Attachments).
How about the choices I make in "Creative Commons" remembered for the future, so I don't have to re-do them every time?
Just yesterday this came up in a newsgroup. For me the default size 100% seems too small, but the 150% is overkill. Having a 120% as a standard choice would be useful.
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