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Using Safari (browser on Mac), when I click "Post new forum topic" I get this... Click to see the image... The text box where the text should be entered is too far to the right, partly covered by other stuff... Slightly inconvenient for typing a message there.

I installed Maple 11 on two Macs yesterday. No problems (so far at least) on an Intel Mac. But on a G5 Mac, I have crashed the Mac 6 times in two days... more than the preceding month for sure, probably more than the preceding year... Before I contact support, I am interested in whether this is only me, or something general for PPC Macs. So, anyone using Maple 11 on a PPC Mac? [technical: Mac OS 10.4.9; PowerMac G5; one processor 1.6 GHz]
the residue should be -1/Pi

> residue(1/(1-exp(Pi)^s),s=2*I);

> series(1/(1-exp(Pi)^s),s=2*I);


When I log in today, I end up as user "dotdotdot" who has been a member for "one week one day". What happened? [G. Edgar, actually a member for a lot longer than that]
I used to be able to do this copy/paste ... Here, I got an integral, then copied the output and pasted onto the next line. I wanted Maple input format, of course. Is it a change for Maple 10.03? for Mac? Or what? Have I got some setting wrong?
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