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I am a research mathematician and an expert on mathematical software. I completed my PhD in applied mathematics with a specialization in computer algebra and symbolic computation in 2003 at the University of Waterloo. My PhD supervisor was Prof. Keith O. Geddes, co-inventor of Maple. In my PhD thesis, I invented a parameterized family of bilinear infinite series expansions for multivariate functions, which I named "Geddes series expansions" in honor of my thesis supervisor. Geddes series are more general than both Taylor series and Fourier series since the terms of a Geddes series can contain arbitrary functions. Geddes series are more versatile than traditional series expansions because the parameters of the family are not numbers, or even functions, but rather linear functionals on function spaces. Geddes series have dozens of computational applications ranging from the fast and accurate approximation of high-dimensional multiple integrals to the automatic derivation and proof of multivariate identities for elementary and special functions.

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Today, I noticed that when my comments on a post are displayed, every word of the title is capitalized, as in
    Uploading A Group Of Files?
Yet, in the Recent Comments column on the far right of the screen, the title is displayed just as I entered it:
    Uploading a Group of Files?
Now that you have a shiny new degree in mathematics or computer science, how do you get a job in your field? There are many online resources which can help you succeed in your quest!
Dave Rusin, a Professor of Mathematics at Northern Illinois University, maintains The Mathematical Atlas: A Gateway to Modern Mathematics. This comprehensive atlas is organized in a large hierarchy based on the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).
I just sent a private message, which now appears in my Sent-messages folder. I then created a new folder called MaplePrimes, but there is no way to move my sent message into this new folder. There is a Move-to-folder button in every other nonempty folder (e.g., Inbox) but not in the Sent-messages folder. Could MaplePrimes please add this functionality? Thanks! -- Frederick W. Chapman, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo http://www.scg.uwaterloo.ca/~fwchapman/
One of the best features of MaplePrimes is that members can incorporate typeset 2-D mathematics into their posts—a huge advantage over text-only forums like Usenet, for example. MaplePrimes currently allows math input using either Maple syntax or MathML. There may be a straightforward way to support the input of 2-D math using TeX/LaTeX as well. This post suggests one possible way to add this new functionality to MaplePrimes.
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