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I always have problems to simplify some complicated expressions to simpler ones. Here is an example of those: > A := exp(w*a)*w^2*epsilon1*epsilon2+exp(w*a)*w*epsilon1*s2-exp(-w*a)*w^2*epsilon1*epsilon2+w*s2*epsilon1*exp(-w*a)+exp(-w*a)*s1*epsilon2*w-s2*s1*exp(-w*a)+s1*exp(w*a)*epsilon2*w+s1*exp(w*a)*s2; > B := (w*epsilon1*((1+exp(2*w*a))*s2+(-1+exp(2*w*a))*w*epsilon2)+s1*((-1+exp(2*w*a))*s2+(1+exp(2*w*a))*w*epsilon2))*exp(-w*a); > simplify(A-B); 0
I got some expression but do not know how to get the simplest form by using simplify > C := -(1/2)*exp(-I*omega0*t)+(1/2)*exp((-beta-I*omega0-I*alpha)*t); > Csq := evalc(conjugate(C)*C); > simplify(Csq); -(1/2)*cos(omega0*t)*exp(-t*beta)*cos(omega0*t+t*alpha)+1/4-(1/2)*sin(omega0*t)*exp(-t*beta)*sin(omega0*t+t*alpha)+(1/4)*exp(-2*t*beta) which obviously should be equal to 1/4*(1+exp(-2*t*beta)-2*exp(-t*beta)*cos(t*alpha)). How can I get this form using Maple?
I got two expressions which in essential are the same. But The maple can not give the answer 0 when I did the subtraction btw them. What is the problem here? Or I need to use some other commands?
I tried to get the inverse of a 36 by 36 square Matrix, but some time after the evaluation O got the following message: Kernel connection has been lost. The kernel returned the following error message: Execution stopped: Memory allocation failed. Please see >alloc for more detail. You should save the worksheet and restart Maple. Executing commands in Maple requires a connection to the Maple kernel. So what is the problem here. P.S. These are the input of the Matrix > C := Matrix(36, 36); B := Vector(36);
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