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These are questions asked by ndattani

I want to do a very high-dimensional sum.

Particularly, this sum, where each of those indices can be either 0 or 1:



I started doing something like:



But it seems that there must be a better way (one in which I can genarlize to n dimersions). Is such a thing possible in maple ??


If I do:




I get a rational funciton that goes through those points.


What I want to do is interpolate the following function of x:

evalf(int(exp(-a^2 + x),a=0..5);

So, now instead of:


I have something like:

In mathematica when I type:

Manipulate[Plot[Sin[c*x], {x, 0, 10}], {c, 1, 5}]

I get a 2D plot of sin(c*x) for x between 0 and 10, with c =1.

Then with the mouse I can drag a bar which will show what happens when c changes between 1 and 5. I can drag that bar to the particular c value for which the plot looks the way I want.


In Sage this can be done using the @interact command.


Is there an analog for this sort of thing in Maple ??


Thanks a lot!


does the verify command not work for trig functions ??


gives 'FAIL' rather than 'true'


Is there a function for checking whether or not the LHS and RHS of my trig identity match ??



I couldn't find a clean expression for cos(x/3) in terms of cos(x) on the web,

is it possible to force maple to expand such a thing in terms of cos(x) ??

I've tried basic things like simply(cos(x/3)), and expand(cos(x/3)) , but it seems like Maple won't know what to do (there's an infinite number of choices here) if I don't TELL it to write it in terms of cos(x) somehow.


Is there a way to do such a thing??


many thanks.

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