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I seeking for informations on the Statistics:-ChiSquareSuitableModelTest procedure:

  1. Once you have choose the number of bins, what strategy does this procedure use to define the bins (equal width, equal probability, other one?).
  2. It seems the procedure accepts any value for this number of bins and that its correct use then is under the sole responsability of the user. Am I right?

In the book below (but I'm sure this can also be found on the web) there is a detailed discussion concerning "good practices" in using the Chi-Square goodness of fit test: does anyone known is something comparable is used in ChiSquareSuitableModelTest ?

Statistical methods in experimental physics, W.T.Eadie, D. Drijard, F.F.James, M. Roos, B. Sadoulet
North-Holland 1971
Paragraph 11.2.3 "choosing optimal bin size"

Thanks in advance


I have some trouble using the GlobalOprimization Toolbox (GoT)
When used with some options GoT returns an error message indicating the option is not valid.
For instance options (just a few among some others) "numexperiments", "nugget", "optsearch", "goal", ... are not recognized.

I'm using Maple 2018.0 (I don't know how to recover the number of the GlobalOptimization Toolbox).

Is it an installation problem (GotT has been bought legally) or a problem with this Toolbox ?



I do not really understand the difference between annrow operator and unapply.
From the help pages it seems that unapply "creates" an arrow operator and thus that they could be two different ways to do the same thing.


f := x[1]+y[1]:

a := indets(f):                  # just because f can be more complex than the f above
g := (op(a)) -> f;              # generates an error, "operators not of a symbol type"
h := unapply(f, (op(a)))   # ok, but with a strange output
     h := (x__1, y__1) -> x__1+y__1

So it seems that Maple has transform by itself the indexed x[1] and y[1] into symbols x__1 and y__1.

Could you explain me what happened exactly ?



The help page TimeSeriesAnalysis, ExponentialSmoothingModel contains an error.
The command that generates the output (7) should be
esm2 := ExponentialSmoothingModel(seasonal={"A","M"},constraints=admissible)
instead of
esm2 := ExponentialSmoothingModel(seasonal={A,M},constraints=admissible)

PS : there is no tag relative to TimeSeriesAnalysys


When multiple request to DocumentTools:-Tabulate(...) are enclosed in the same group of commands (which typically happens when they are within a procedure), only the last one is displayed.
Is it possible to overcome this behaviour?

Thanks in advance

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