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I have a set of functions of the form P :=  { a(t), b(t), f(g(t)), u(v(w(t)), A(a(t), b(t)), ... } and I want to obtain the set Q := { a(t), b(t), g(t), w(t) } (that is the set of the innermost functions)
Since more than an hour I'm fighting without success with select and parmatch and I'm desperatly askink for your help.

Thanks in advance
PS : the list P only contains functions of t, never of t and of another variables.


Here are two sequences of commands that should give the same kind of plots. But, while the first one returns the expected display, the second doesn't (look to the labels on the histogram plot).

There is no hidden character that could explain this second display. Just that I proceeded this way:

  1. I executed the second sequence once.
  2. Then I told myself that displaying the histogram was superfluous, so I replaced its final semicolon with a colon.
  3. And I finally thought that, no, the histogram had a real interest and that I should display it; and I restored the semcolon (this is what you can see on the second sequence).
    And this add to the histogram the labels inherited from the second plot ...

Nothing dramatic here, but was the development team aware of this curiosity?



N := 10:
S := Statistics:-Sample(Normal(0, 1), 10)^+:
plots:-logplot(<  < [$1..N]> | S >, labels=["A", "B"]);




N := 10:
S := Statistics:-Sample(Normal(0, 1), 10)^+:
plots:-logplot(<  < [$1..N]> | S >, labels=["A", "B"]);







I have written a module M which contains some procedures P1, P2, ...
This module contains the statement option package.

In a separate worksheet I type the command L := with(M) to load this module and stack in the list L the names of all the procedures M contains.
I would like now to use showstat to display the content of all these procedures..

I thus typed:
for p in L do  showstat(p) end do;

I got an error saying that showstat expects a name as argument.
In the command above p is not a name but a symbol.

Is there a possibility to "showstat" all the procedures M contains ?

Motivation:I'd like to count the number of command lines in module M (showstat removes the lines of comments) ... maybe there exist an other way than using showstat ?

Thanks in advance

I had written some help pages in Maple 18 that I just migrate in Maple 2018.
This seems correct except one single point: when I try ot access them from the help menu, their names are preceeded by a  "WS" label and, when I click on it, the help page appears in a new window of my Maple's session, not in the help window.
I guess "WS" means "WorkSheet" ?
How can I force the halp page of "my" function to appear in the main help page window?

(hope I was clear enough)

Thanks in advance


I'm surprised by the result of the procedure VectorCalculus:-Curvature which is always a positive scalar quantity:
For instance
c := VectorCalculus:-Curvature(<x, sin(x)>, x):
plot(c, x=0..2*Pi) 
# c >=0 for all x in [0, 2*Pi]

In the help pages it's written that the (signed) curvature for a function y(x) is y''/(1+y' 2)(3/2).

y := sin(x):
c := diff(y, x$2) / (1+diff(y,x)^2)^(3/2):
plot(c,  x=0..2*Pi) 
# c < 0 if x in (0, Pi)  and  c > 0 if x in (Pi, 2*Pi)

Could you please help me to understand this?

Thank in advance

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