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Hi, I have a 1x1 matrix. I would like to use the value in it but not as a matrix, any idea how I should take away the matrix and just take the inner matrix? Please help. Thanks.

For example instead of [8x+3], i would like it to be just 8x+3



Hi, I wrote a set of codes that worked perfectly fine 2 months ago, but when I try to run all my files again, this statement came out :


"Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse:-Postprocess:"intercal error:invalid object""

Could someone please explain what is the meaning of this please? Thanks

Hi, when i use the "export" function to export a set of matrix, it works fine.

But when i try to use it to export one number, it won't do it for me, for example the value of a, where a:=5


How do i export one value? please help. Thanks.

Hi, i am trying to create a breakpoint on my worksheet. But i cannot press the debug current operation icon. Is there some other settings that i must press before using the button? Please help. Thanks.

Hi, may I know how do i rearrange the matrix by shifting them please?

For example, i have a 9x9 matrix. I would like to shift the first column to the end (1..9,1) becomes (1..9,-1), and the rest of the matrix (1..9,2..9) becomes (1..9,1..8).

Please help. Thanks.

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