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Hello, I am trying to solve 2 equations, and write the solution in a matrix form. How do I do it? This is what i did:


for m from 1 to 10 do
end do:


Answer is kn=9.317...

How to I get knn[3,1]=9.317...? without the "kn="

I would like to have a matrix of 10x1 with just the values of kn. Thank you.

Hello, I have a quadratic eigenvalue problem. I used to solve it using "polyeig" function in matlab. May I know if there is such a function in maple too? I cant seem to find it.Thanks.
Hi, I have two 3x3 matrix as below. A:= [3  3  5]      [8  7  1]      [5  9  6]B:= [1  3  5]      [2  9  1]      [7  9  3] May I know what is the symbol or command to multiply the array? So that I will get CC:= [3x1  3x3  5x5]      [8x2  7x9  1x1...

Hi, I'm starting my program using Maple, then will bring some data to calculate in matlab, later on bring the data back to be calculated in Maple.

My equations have lots of trigonometry multiplication of matrix. When I run it in matlab, it runs fine. But when I try to use Matlab[FromMFile]("test.m",'evaluate') it gives me this statement:

"Error, (in Matlab:-FromMFile) unable to strore '(3.500000000*I)*2^(1/2)' when datatype=float(8)"

Could someone please...

Hi, I have different parts of calculations, would be better if I use the function procedure.

May I know where I can find tutorials for it please? I have look through the user manual, but not many examples are given.


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