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 How to insert legends in the surfdata?

plots:-surfdata({Mat1}, ll1 .. ul1, ll2 .. ul2, dimension = 2, colorscheme = ["Blue", "Green", "Yellow", "Red"], axes = boxed, axesfont = [TIMES, BOLD, 16], axis = [thickness = 2], labelfont = [TIMES, BOLD, 16], labels = ["R", "Ma"])

I have calculated z=f(x,y) for x from 0 to 5 and y from 0 to 5 by taking step size 0.5  and stored it in a matrix M. Now I am trying to plot the resultant matrix having order 11x11. Where x and y values are ranging from 0 to 5. But If I use this command
matrixplot(M, heights = histogram, colorscheme = ["Blue", "Green", "Yellow", "Red"])
It is taking 0 to 11 on both x and y axis. It must be 0,0.5,0.1,0.15...5.
How to change the values of x and y axis manually?

Given an almost contact metric manifold M(\phi,\xi,\eta, g), we say
that M is a generalized Sasakian-space-form if there exist three functions f1, f2, f3
on M such that the curvature tensor R is given by


In (2n+1) dimensional generalized Sasakian space form M2n+1(f_1,f_2,f_3), we have the following relations.







for any vector fields X, Y on M, where R, S, C\bar, and r denote the Riemannian curvature tensor, Ricci tensor, concircular curvature tensor and scalar curvature of M2n+1(f1, f2, f3), respectively 

Using above equations I have to evaluate P(C\bar(\xi,X)Y,Z)U.

Manually It is tedious job. Can we find the value by maple? Is there any option to solve these type of problems?

If yes, I can solve many more, which helps a lot in my work.. Thanks in advance.



As I am beginner in maple, how to verify Bianchi Identities?

For Riemannian manifold,

1) R(X, Y)*Z+R(Y, Z)*X+R(Z, X)*Y = 0 

2) ((∇)[X]R)(Y,Z)W+((∇)[Y]R)(Z,X)W+((∇)[Z]R)(X,Y)W=0

I am not getting how to define vector fields. From my previous question I understood defining vector fields particularly. From that post I tried to verify the proof, but I cant. Please tell me about how to define vector fields without taking examples.

Thank in advance.

I am beginner in maple. And my field is Differential geometry. I am trying this calculation through maple.

I have these vector fields e1=z2D_x,e2=z2D_y,e3=z2D_z

Now I have to calculate 2g(e1e3,e1) using maple. where The Riemannian connection  of the metric tensor g is given by Koszul's formula


By calculated manually I got 2g(e1e3,e1)=2g(−(2/z) e1,e1)

So help me in simplifying tedious calculations using maple. I will try to learn.

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