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Maplesoft has just released a collection of new engineering products, including MapleSim 3, the latest version of our physical modeling tool. It includes a new hydraulics library, more electrical machines and improved solvers which expand the scope of models it can handle. It also comes with a new project manager, more diagnostic tools, a 3-D visualization preview feature, and other improvements to the interface which reduce the development time. See What’s New in MapleSim 3 for details.

Maplesoft has just released the Maple 13.02 update. This update includes:

  • Platform support: Windows® 7 is officially supported with Maple 13.02
  • MATLAB® Connectivity: Improved performance, connectivity extended to MATLAB R2009b, and support for the MATLAB Link on 64-bit Macintosh® Intel® platforms
  • Language packs: Expanded support for Traditional Chinese and improved Spanish translation
  • Plotting: Improvements to EPS and PDF export and improvements to plotting on Macintosh
  • Other enhancements: Improved event handling in dsolve/numeric, better handling of read-only documents on  Mac OS® X 10.6 (Intel), and improved support for multithreading

(As perhaps many of you do?) I really enjoy the webcomic xkcd. In a fit of silliness I decided to write my latest Maplesoft blog post about velociraptor math... :)  Click here if you're interested.


Some of you may “know” me already, but I wanted to let you all know that as part of the ongoing changes to MaplePrimes, I will now be acting as the community manager. My thanks to Tim for his excellent work over the past year, and also to Will and Bryon who will continue to support the site’s technical aspects.

Well, we've officially joined the web 2.0 revolution :) ... Maplesoft now has a page on Facebook.Come check it out and become a fan!

The Facebook page is intended to be a place for our “fans” to gather, share ideas and talk about their Maple experiences. The page will continue to be updated with interesting photos, videos (including a great one of some of our staff trying to work off the Christmas weight gain!...

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