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Maple is to me difficult. The first version I bought was Maple9, and it was more than 15 years ago. But, I couldn't use it, feeling it too difficult. But, three years ago, I thought Maple might be helpful to my study, and since then, I have continued to learn Maple. As I got able to read the Maple help, I think that I could get to use maple better now than before. But, I feel that I am a beginner yet.

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Hello people in mapleprimes,

I hope that you will give me an answer about the calculation surrounding D.
D((x+y)^2) can be calculated with maple, but D((x+y)^a), where a is a constant, cannot at least directly.
And, I have the code, which Mr. Carl Love kindly gave me at
, which is

h:= F-> expand(evalindets(D(F)/F, specfunc(D), d-> op(d)*'h'(op(d))));

This works for (x+y)^2, but does not work for (x+y)^a.
And, I think this reason is that the behavior of D to (x+y)^2 is not the same
 as that to (x+y)^a.
And, I want to modify this code.
But, I can't .
So, I am asking this question. How should I modify the above code so that it works for (x+y)^a.
I'm so sorry for a lot of impoliteness.
I will be very glad if you give me an answer.

Take care.


Hello people in mapleprimes,
I want to collect
aa:=sigma*omega*alpha = mu(H, H)*s*omega*gamma*L+omega^(-sigma+1)*tau*mu(F, F)*s*L-omega^(-sigma+1)*tau*mu(F, F)*s*L*gamma;
with omega^(-sigma+1);

I know that the above expression could be collected with tau, which
produces the same expression as the one collected with omega^(-sigma).
And, in collecting with omega^(-sigma+1), I know that freeze-thaw could be used.

But, I want to know another way to do the same thing, using frontend or 
subsindets. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


Hello people in mapleprimes,
I have a question.
I appended two pictures where from the same code, two different orders of
expression appear.
How can I do for this so as not to get error messages?
The cause of this is simplify(%,symbolic) brings different order of term a__0^(-k)*F__D ahead of a parenthesis in a jpg.file and F__D*a__0^(-k) after
that parenthesis in another jpg.fine both in the line above that of  "dairihensu1."

In this case, What I can do?
Please help me.
Best wishes.



Original code is

e7_4:=F__D*(Omega+1)*beta/(beta-1) = F__I*a__D^(-k)*a__0^k+T^((sigma-k-1)/(-1+sigma))*F__D*phi^(k/(-1+sigma))+F__D;

    local b1;
  end proc;

A case without error.

A case with a error.


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to simplify the next expression which has 1/k as its exponent,

especially, I want to collect for T. I hope you will teach me how to do it.


If I do as


the output is


But, as all variables has 1/k as its exponent, I want to collect it to (...)^(1/k).

Is this possible?


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I put a function h into my original package named z5.

And, I used it as

> h(x+y);

then, the output is


I want to have


not z5:-h for h.

How should I do for "h" to be kept from changing  to "z5:-h"?

Best wishes.



part other than z5 needs designating a directory for library.**********

>new_lib_dir3 :=Please put an appropriate directory

>z5:=module() option package;
>export numer_expand,h;
>numer_expand := a->expand(numer(a))/denom(a); h:= F-> expand
>(evalindets(D(F)/F, specfunc(D), d-> op(d)*'h'(op(d)))); end module;







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