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Maple is to me difficult. The first version I bought was Maple9, and it was more than 15 years ago. But, I couldn't use it, feeling it too difficult. But, three years ago, I thought Maple might be helpful to my study, and since then, I have continued to learn Maple. As I got able to read the Maple help, I think that I could get to use maple better now than before. But, I feel that I am a beginner yet.

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Hello people in mapleprimes,

I have a question about how PDEtools:-declare works.

I declared f__1 as a function of k__1 with the command declare, and

defined f__1 as a function of K__1/L__1, which is k__1,

and, differentiated f__1 with K__1.

But, the form I could get is e_1 and e_2, which contains D(f__1)(k__1).
And, the same thing occurs in e7_2.

How can I have it shown as f__1' or f__1'(k__1), which does not include D of D(f__1).

I hope you will give me a help, and thaks in advance.


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to single out omega^epsilon from and modify the rhs of the following expression
to the expression where the  the part without omega^epsilon and  another part of  omega^epsilon
are multiplied.

Y = -L*epsilon^epsilon*(1-epsilon)^(1-epsilon)*(-omega^(-1+epsilon)*k*theta+(1-theta)*omega^epsilon)/(1-epsilon-theta)

I am glad if you teach me this.



Hello people in maple primes,

I have an expression,


, which I want to put in order as 


Isn't there any ways to do the modification above?

 I am very glad if you answer to my question.


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to modify the inequality of e assuming d.
But, e/(1-a) assuming(d) does not work well.
How can I do for this?

                   0 < a, a < 1, 0 < b, 0 < c
                         c < (1 - a) b

Thanks in advance.




Hello People in mapleprimes,

I have a question about collecting part of expression.
Please teach me an answer to this.

I want to modify a1 to b1.


Thanks in advance.

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