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Hello, I found an error in the following plotting. An error is with discont=true and the range <-5,5>x<-5,5> In other cases it is OK. plot(tan, -5 .. 5, -5 .. 5, discont = true); But when I plot tan as an expression no as a function it works correctly. plot(tan(x), x = -5 .. 5, -5 .. 5, discont = true); The whole document can be visited via View on MapleNet or Download
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This example shows that restart command does not work correctly - it means that it does not clear stack memory(internal memory). The following example shows it. In that procedure there are some mistakes, but I think that the restart command should work correctly whith them. If you execute the following procedure three times (maybe twice, it depends on the computer memory capacity, but I do not amount to more than three times), the Maple system falls down with out of memory (execution stop - the stack ) - why? You call the restart command, so where the fatal error is. It does not depend on the correct usage of statements in the procedure.
I have a question about Maple 10 updates. If I would like to update my Maple 10.00 installation which of the updates should I install to get completly Maple 10.06. Thank you. Vladimir
Hello, I use embedded components a lot, but I would like to create them dynamically from my own procedure, e.g. as an output. The reason is, that in new Mathematica 6 is possible to create a plot with slider to show an influence of variable to the plot. I would like to create the similar output in Maple. Thank you. Vladimir

Hello, I have a question about Mathematical Expression Component in document. I tried to use it in my maple document and of course I looked at the help about it. There is a discription about another component, I think. The reason of it is that the dialog of component property is different in a help and in a document. I do not know why. I try to use it in Maple 10.06. The following figures show the situation. Of course, problem of this component is not only in different property dialog but also in functionality. Figure from help Figure from document Problem with this component is described also in the document here. Thank you. Vladimir

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