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I have a questing about using Maple document components, such as a plotter, a slider and a Math expression to display my own function that is inserted via Math Expression component. The inserted function (of variable x) is multiply by parametr a and then is displayed in Plotter0. Situation in Maple document is displayed in the following figure The code of Slider0 components is the folowing: a:=GetProperty( 'Slider0', 'value'); b:=MathML[Import](GetProperty('MathContainer0', 'value')); SetProperty( 'Plot0', 'value', plot(a*b,x=-5..5) ); When my function is a polynom and it is not included any other function such as sin, cos, etc., everything workes correctly. But when I try to display e.g. sin(x) it does not worked - it is an empty plot or the other message is generated. I think that it is because of Import function is not able to evaluate it correctly. Could you help me,please? Thank you Vladimir

I have only one question, how could I plot the following function correctly?

> f:=x->piecewise(x<-1,1,x=0,2,1);

f := x -> piecewise(x < -1,1,x = 0,2,1)

I try this command but I do not reach the correct result.

> plot(f,-3..3, style=point,discont=true,numpoints=100);

[Maple Plot]

This example illustrates why you should prove with results of solve command.

You solve this equation: (x-1)^3/(x^2-1)=0 by Maple 9.5 > solve( (x-1)^3 / (x^2-1),x);           [1,1]

Maple 9.5 and earlier gets the result [1,1], it is not correct but the result of Maple 10 is correct - no roots. This is the reason why you have to prove results.

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