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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.

Is it possible to import the branch structure of discussions from the old MaplePrimes?  In many cases it looks like all the replies are put into a flat list.

The badges list makes for some interesting self-evaluation of my time, what I've posted, and how I've made my posts. But, I think the layout could be improved.

First, put the information in columns. The first column is the icon. Other column include my tally, the number needed to earn the badge, a description of the badge, AND an explicit indication of the badges that I've earned (or made progress towards).

It might also be nice to be able to sort this list in different ways. Alphabetically, according to whether I've earned the badge, progress towards new badges, most common badges within the community, ....

Lastly, the tab title "Badges" might be more informative if it were changed to "My Badges". It took me a little while to realize this list was reporting my tallies toward each badge. The columns will help, but this title change would make this even more clear.

Looking forward to seeing how the new MaplePrimes continues to evolve,

My personal icon is gone.

What's happened to it? 

As some of you noticed, we launched the new version of MaplePrimes today. Unfortunately, we have ran into server problems with the new site, and have switched back to the old version of the site. We are working on figuring out what the cause of the problem is, and will be re-launching the new site soon.

UPDATE: WE have made some changes to the site that have fixed the problem we experienced before. Please enjoy the new and improved MaplePrimes!

The optional e-mailing about new replies to the participated topic would be useful.

I thought of a couple of new forum subtopics ... just an idea

Maple training beginner to advanced
 - not sure of the formalities here but this could be sub-forum-topic where one could go to get a better grasp of using maple however I think that comes with time anyways, as I said just a thought.  Lots of tutorials out there that do similar things anyways.

Using Maple in interesting ways
- This would be a subforum where users could post their finished projects.

For the past few weeks I have been unable to upload image files to MaplePrimes. Here's what happens.  I press the green up arrow and locate the file to be uploaded (typically a .GIF file). After I say OK and press the Upload button, the preview shows the last file I successfully uploaded.

Is this, by chance, a problem with my account - or my browser, or is it a MaplePrimes problem.

I don't know what additional information  you need. Please let me know and I'll do my best to comply.


Something's wrong with the file upload feature. Look at my list of files; it now shows at least three copies of the same file, two from this morning (and the original one from some days ago). The first copy is fine. The last two are supposed to be a different file (p1.gif). I can select this file through the file browser, but that file is not the one that is uploaded. All I get is another copy of the last file I uploaded.

This looks like it's a bug in the MaplePrimes system.

It would be good if we could flag for admin scrutiny not just posts but also user handles.

It might help with this kind of nonsense.

Dear Moderator,

What is the reason that I have to request one-time password again and again?

This annoying behaviour started a few months ago.

Thanks,   Sandor


hmm, unless I've missed something.  In any of the forums here, the first welcome post, sticky, just says hi welcome.  No explanation as to how to use the forum.  Unless one knows to navigate to books -> mapleprimes help there is no link in the first sticky post to go there and no rhym or reason why someone would go under books to find the mapleprimes help page.  I believe it should be a link available in the first sticky post of any forum.  Just my two cents.

I'm having a ton of trouble trying to insert a picture into a post.  I got it to work the other night however it's not a simple 1 step procedure.  First I upload the jpg file using the file manager which inserts a red x on the body of text then I have to click on the red x and click the insert edit image button for the picture to actually appear in the post before I post the message. 

The Search facility for Mapleprimes is broken. Recent posts containing the relevant keywords are not being returned in search results.

For example, searching for either Azul or Rossler does not return a match with either relevant, matching post currently on mapleprimes' front page.

It appears as if the searchable terms database is not being updated with recent results (since the last mapleprimes system overhaul. some months ago?!).


I'm having troubles to log in into my account lately - Maple Primes doesn't seem to recognize either my username or my password. When I request a new password and then change it in my profile, the same problem comes back the next time I want to sign in. I'm using my e-mail adress as my username - could the problem be this? I was able to sign in quite easily until recently thoug.



This is sure to become a pressing issue. Maybe adding some kind of visual character recognition gadget for new users with fewer than 10 posts?

P.S. the kind of visual test I routinely fail, yes.

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