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In the survey announced by Tim Vrablik there are some questions that don't apply to the version of Maple which I'm using (Maple 11), i.e. code edit region, worksheet startup code, explore and other few features.

What should I answer in these cases? I know what these features are, but I don't use them simply because they are not available... Perhaps should I answer what I would do if they were present in my version of Maple?

Thank you!

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About a year ago I posted about the following bug - check your files, any image that you posted, Get code for different size, Medium Image.

The code has double </a> at the end, i.e. </a></a> which is wrong. It should be only one </a> at the end.

Now, not only that bug was not fixed  (how hard that could be, really?), but I also wasn't able to find my post about it - very probably it was just deleted instead of fixing the bug.


I've had this happen to me a few times now: I'd hit Reply to a particular post, then click inside the Subject box to enter something, and instead I'd find myself staring at a new tab loading Facebook.  It's not always Facebook - earlier it was some place I'd never heard of, like Deeb or Geed or some such.  I'm on a Mac Pro running OS X.4.11 and using Firefox 3.08.  Anyone else run into this sort of thing?

- Dushan Mitrovich

1/2 hour ago I got from Norton Antivirus:

Besides availability of that forum (our admin would be fired for such) or loading time (quite boaring today) it seems that threads may be  in a strange state, which do not allow them to be viewed. The last time I just ignored that, but as it may be a technical problem here is an example:

For me it was not possible to opne it by a click yesterday, so tried it at work today and gave up after 5 min (?) waiting on a fast connection. Now at home again the problem persists.

The rightmost column on this page, entitled "Points from all posts", has all zeroes.

Also, the description says that there are five classifications in the table. But there are only four.

Recently this site became very slow. It takes a few minutes to get a page after clicking on a link. Search is very slow as well. Sometimes I couldn't get the resulting page at all - for example, searching for "digits".


I always have problems to simplify some complicated expressions to simpler ones. Here is an example of those: > A := exp(w*a)*w^2*epsilon1*epsilon2+exp(w*a)*w*epsilon1*s2-exp(-w*a)*w^2*epsilon1*epsilon2+w*s2*epsilon1*exp(-w*a)+exp(-w*a)*s1*epsilon2*w-s2*s1*exp(-w*a)+s1*exp(w*a)*epsilon2*w+s1*exp(w*a)*s2; > B := (w*epsilon1*((1+exp(2*w*a))*s2+(-1+exp(2*w*a))*w*epsilon2)+s1*((-1+exp(2*w*a))*s2+(1+exp(2*w*a))*w*epsilon2))*exp(-w*a); > simplify(A-B); 0
I got some expression but do not know how to get the simplest form by using simplify > C := -(1/2)*exp(-I*omega0*t)+(1/2)*exp((-beta-I*omega0-I*alpha)*t); > Csq := evalc(conjugate(C)*C); > simplify(Csq); -(1/2)*cos(omega0*t)*exp(-t*beta)*cos(omega0*t+t*alpha)+1/4-(1/2)*sin(omega0*t)*exp(-t*beta)*sin(omega0*t+t*alpha)+(1/4)*exp(-2*t*beta) which obviously should be equal to 1/4*(1+exp(-2*t*beta)-2*exp(-t*beta)*cos(t*alpha)). How can I get this form using Maple?

When I entered the following code I got the error "Warning, solutions may have been lost" I would like to know how to get rid of the warning. I also want to know the solutions found for x and n. How can I get them to be displayed?













I got two expressions which in essential are the same. But The maple can not give the answer 0 when I did the subtraction btw them. What is the problem here? Or I need to use some other commands?
I tried to get the inverse of a 36 by 36 square Matrix, but some time after the evaluation O got the following message: Kernel connection has been lost. The kernel returned the following error message: Execution stopped: Memory allocation failed. Please see >alloc for more detail. You should save the worksheet and restart Maple. Executing commands in Maple requires a connection to the Maple kernel. So what is the problem here. P.S. These are the input of the Matrix > C := Matrix(36, 36); B := Vector(36);

Is there a "getting started with mapleprimes" message somewhere?

I usually post very silly messages that require no formatting whatever, but lately I've been trying to post maple output, pictures, and so on. I see these great posts with all this great stuff inserted, so I know it's possible to do all that. I'd like to learn how to do it too. I have managed to find the (I guess you would call it) "mapleprimes uploader", thanks to google, and I have also managed to upload files there, as the instructions on that page are very clear.

I just read Paul Weiss' post in which he describes his troubles uploading files to MaplePrimes.

Earlier yesterday (19 Nov 2008) I experienced a similar problem when I was trying to upload a GIF file to include with one of my posts.

In my case, after I selected the file I wanted to upload, I was showed an earlier file that I had uploaded to MaplePrimes. Based on what I see in Paul's earlier post it appears as though he was trying to upload two files and the second file was really just a duplicate of the first one.

what is the perometer of sa rectangle if the length is 7/10cm and th width is 1/10cm?

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