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How do I send a message to the author of an entry?  Presumably I can click the "Send message" link in the Navigation pane on the left side of this website, however, doing so means that I have to first figure out what the "handle" is for the person I want to contact.  Previously there was a "send message to author", or something equivalent, link in each of the posts; has that gone away?

How many arrangements of the word GELATINOUS are possible if the vowels must always be in alphabetical order?

Could MaplePrimes be made a little more robust?  It seems that roughly once a month I get a Drupal error all weekend instead of access to MaplePrimes.  I frequently have more time on the weekend to answer some questions, so it is the community that loses when the site is down... 

This has now happened frequently enough that clearly there is a systemic problem in the infrastructure, and it would be nice to know that it is being investigated and fixed.

Dear forum,

 I am working with maple 6. I have type the lines below :

> restart:readlib(ztrans):
> ztrans(Delta(t),t,z);

                           ztrans(Δ(t), t, z)                 ( this is the reslut)

> ztrans(Step(n),n,z);

Following worse-than-good advice can lead to loss of time and to greater misunderstanding. I have noticed, over the past year, a growing proportion of suboptimal responses and advice on the mapleprimes forums.

There are still many fine responses, but slightly incorrect or inefficient (and sometimes outright wrong) responses seem to have been growing as a proportion of the whole. This is probably natural, as the mapleprimes site grows. But some of the ensuing bad effects of it could be avoided.

It would be nice to have a link to Recent posts off the main mapleprimes page that guests see (ie. even when not logged in).

It'd be a pity if the only reason that this is not available is just so that page can show how many new (unread by logged-in user) posts there are in each thread.


Is there any software for converting a Fortran program to a Maple one? Is there any way for changing Fortran codes to Maple?

Well, I started a thread that is getting lots of discussion. That's good. But I'm getting an e-mail notification of new posts many times a day. Now in my account preferences I have checked "Once a Day" but I guess that is only for private messages. Is there a way to reduce forum subscription notices to once a day?

Can posts be input using LateX notation?

If so, what would be the TeX tags or delimiters to enclose the TeX input in?



I am new here and I want to understand more.



Wide Circles


My system crashed this morning just as I was finishing a post to a forum. The post didn't make it to the forum, but after I got back online, when I tried to recreate the post and upload the file, the File Manager would say that I had uploaded a different file and give me the link to that one. If anyone wants more details, just ask.

I'd like to be able to delete some files that I uploaded that are not used (as a result of the problem above).


The following appears to give two different answers.

Any suggestions?


> restart:
> Re(z);
> Re(a);
> Re(b);
> assume(a>0,b>0,z>0);
> H:=sqrt(b*(1+z)^3+a);
> bot:=int(1/H,z=0..infinity);
> evalf(subs(a=3/4,b=1/4,bot));
> H1:=sqrt((1/4)*(1+z)^3+3/4);
> int(1/H1,z=0..infinity);
> evalf(%);

let the elements of each of the following sets

1. A or B

2. ( B or C)'

3. ( D - C)'

4 (A' or B' ) - ( A or B)

5. ( C and D)' or B

6. P (A)


I'd like to suggest that someone with administrative access monitor this site on non-business days. Quite a few times now this site has gone down on a Friday evening and not been available until the following Monday morning. Or if this is actually scheduled maintenance then perhaps that could be announced.


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