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Some key words will take a lot time when search for something by text

It's fast when search for something by topic in Help system

Can I stop the search progress?

Maybe the search function canbe developed,more quickly.

Perhaps it would help to be able to flag not only replies but also parent forum and blog posts.

what happened...

my god

For the past few weeks I have not been receiving any of the auto-generated e-mails notifying me that someone has responded to a forum, blog, ... that I have contributed to. I checked my settings in MaplePrimes, and this feature is still active for my account. I've not found these messages in my junk folder.

Is it just me, or are others not receiving these e-mails as well?


Is the "math" typesetting in the forum working? Example Sum((-1)^n/n,n=1..infinity)

I noticed that highlighted text in a recent submission of mine was changed to hyperlinks to Maple help pages, which is much nicer. Is there a convenient way that I can do it myself?  Ideally that would entail selecting the name and then clicking a "make link to Maple help page" button (i.e. it should be just as easy as making it bold text, which is what I originally did).

When I upload a file, say Dynamics1.mws, it is stored in the following location:

However, the link associated with the file name -- on the left-hand side in the Filename column -- is incorrect:

Rather silly and surely easy to fix.

I'm guessing that the following behavior is a mapleprimes feature.

In the forums, when a thread loads, the display always jumps to the bottom of the page to an insertion point waiting in the reply box.

I like to read messages, before I reply.

Is there a way to turn off this "feature" ?


  ~ Mark

I just searched the mapleprimes site for information on how to mark all forum messages as "read".

In July 2005, somebody asked how to do this.  William Spaetzel responded by noting that there is no such feature and that he would think about adding it.  He repeated this statement, about two months later.

In March 2006, somebody else asked how.  There's no mapleprimes response to that message.

In July 2009, I'm asking again.

Has the suggestion from three years ago been officially rejected by mapleprimes?

There is no Bugs (or Possible Bugs) forum in MaplePrimes at all.

1) Report a bug using this link
isn't encouraging, because nobody (except maplesoft staff) will know who found the bug.

I am not receiving email notifications from subscribed threads since about two days ago, without any change on my side. Has anyone else experienced this same problem?

hi all,

                            I  have a program written using Matlab, how can I change it into a program written using Maple.

the program:


function [xmin, fxmin, iter] = PSO

success = 0;      

Please would someone point me to a list-by-date option in mapleprimes' advanced search.

I wanted to find out if there were messages about "maple tags", found a thread dating back to february 2008 in which a series of problems which I am experiencing were described, so naturally I wanted to know if more recent posts had addressed similar issues, with possible solutions or hints. But I couldn't find an option to list messages by date, say by "most recent" (as in google groups).

In the survey announced by Tim Vrablik there are some questions that don't apply to the version of Maple which I'm using (Maple 11), i.e. code edit region, worksheet startup code, explore and other few features.

What should I answer in these cases? I know what these features are, but I don't use them simply because they are not available... Perhaps should I answer what I would do if they were present in my version of Maple?

Thank you!

Have a nice day.

About a year ago I posted about the following bug - check your files, any image that you posted, Get code for different size, Medium Image.

The code has double </a> at the end, i.e. </a></a> which is wrong. It should be only one </a> at the end.

Now, not only that bug was not fixed  (how hard that could be, really?), but I also wasn't able to find my post about it - very probably it was just deleted instead of fixing the bug.


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