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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.

I had to post here a new one because the other last action post not being updated was not updated to show it being more recently posted.

So here is another post which is not being updated by adding a comment

It was update 3 hours ago but the...

Users with high enough reputation on MathOverflow get increasing amounts of power on the site.  Generally, it works rather well. 

I just finished submitting an SCR: the link to spec_eval_rules at the bottom of the ?procedure help page doesn't work in the Online Help (it works in Maple itself, though). And I can't get ?spec_eval_rules to work directly, either, in the Online Help.

Also I was wondering, how about a badge for a certain number of SCRs?

Why are upvotes and downvotes shown separately?  If a question/post is disliked by a lot of people, it should show up as 'negative' (like it does on MathOverflow).  And it should affect people's reputation too!  People who ask sufficiently bad questions (and enough of them) should receive this feedback from the community.  It's what makes the community self-policing!

I suggest that the suggestions for tags that are currently listed be turned off.  This is because they are generally really bad and off-topic (and probably swallow all sorts of CPU time needlessly...).  I much prefer the auto-complete feature in *Overflow for tags (as well as a good list of common ones).

And why does it always suggest to me the tag academic?

The questions do not list 'MaplePrimes' as a possible topic.  And the Post does have (under MaplePrimes Suggestion), as well as talking about "Have a problem with MaplePrimes?" which sure sounds like a question!  So I don't get what the intended difference is.  It made a certain amount of sense in the previous version of Primes, but now that's *Overflow-like, I'm not sure if the distinction makes much sense anymore.

Adding a comment to an answer doesn't seem to register it as the last action in a thread.


It seems if I have already looked at a mapleprimes question, and I reload it again when it has been updated, mapleprimes does not load the latest information but instead loads what I have previously looked at. In order to view the updated page, I have to load the page and then refresh it. I don't think it's too much to ask to fix this. If I check the recent tab it will only show when I checked it last (ie. if it was last night and I load it now, I'll see last nights...

It's now possible to get a list of all posts with a given tag. Simply click on that tag from the tags page.

And we can use the Search box at that page.

But how can we do "advanced" searches, for combinations of tags built up with not/and/or, etc?

Sorry, if it's obvious.

"No one has posted an comment to this post yet.." has a spelling mistake.

Why are old posts with no recent replies showing up in the all recent category??

If I click on most any of the tags listed at, I see a list of relevant posts. That is great. But it gets me a 404 missing error, if I click on the name of a tag that starts with a numeral.

I'd like to propose a new tab (somewhere) which would allow viewing all posts sorted by thumbs-up. Basically, a way for everyone to see the best posts and replies.

It might have a url something like, or

The thumbs-up may turn out to be an ok mechanism by which this community can recognize good quality posts and responses. But most posts are only likely to get rated thusly by a handful of members willing to do the few extra clicks. I wonder whether there might be other good ways to get approval ratings, either automatically or semi-automatically.

One possibility that occurs to me is citation. The buttons/icons on the Editor menubar already have a Link item (the chain link, for inserting URLs). How about a similar button for adding a citation? The idea being that such a Citation would always be positive, and bring about an additional automatic thumbs-up (maybe allowing more than one-per-member for that particular recipient post). A negative or neutral cite could still be made with the existing Link button.

I'm going to guess that, if all the previous links to Joe Riel's Sorting with Attributes post were such citations, that it would already have more than the number of approvals for the great post class.

Does anyone see the Maple 2D Math output in the replies to this post?  What I see is a lot of Maple Equation markers.

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