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Quite often, when plotting an expression in involving trigonometric functions applied to (a rational polynomial of) the main variable, it is desirable to have the major ticks along the x-axis be labeled by multiples of Pi. In particular, it can be much more appealing to have those tickmarks be labeled with short rationals multiplied by the 2D Math symbol π.

An example of the magic of java. It has an excellent widget toolkit too! Study the beautiful image below for an example of what it can accomplish.

When selecting Plot > Plot Builder > Options the gui hanged like this with no way to restore the program, the x buttons had no effect, and no other input had an effect. I was left to close the process and lose my changes to the .mw file. It's running on XP 64-bit.

It is already September and there has been no updates for the latest Maple release.  Am I to expect that when I purchase the newest copy of Maple that what I buy is what I get and there maybe no updates?  I mean Maple 10 was on the market for a full 2 years with updates, 6 to be exact, so users must have pretty satisfied with the service, hopefully.  And Maple 11 users had their version on the market 3 months longer than Maple 12 although from...

My goal is to make maple better so here I am going to point
out another annoying thing in Maple. If you for example want to have
two plots side by side (I know your question is about two plots in the
same chart but I still think is relevant) in an array then such a array becomes very hard to delete.





plot1    plot2

Now the Array A...

restart; interface(version);
  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066
convert(B, GAMMA);
% assuming x::integer;

The Linear Algebra package seems only able to handle Vector and Matrix algebra when the dimensions are given specifically.

It would be very helpful if the package were to be extended to cope with the situation where some or all of the dimentions were given symbollically. Of course, assume could be used to indicate when two dimensions were equal.

Are there any plans in this direction for future releases of Maple?



An improvement which would make many applications involving Components a lot better would be if an "image" were a first-class object in Maple. That is to say, if an image object could be used in Components without having to refer to an external file.

It's a big weakness in Maple's functionality, that things like the following don't work.



The above is just an...

Currently, using Explore results in a new worksheet which contains all the sliders and output components.

And there is code, which makes it all "work", that gets hidden in that new worksheet. But It's very awkward to copy those Components back to the original worksheet, because of the disassociation with the working code.

If, instead of having dependent code be hidden in that new worksheet in collapsed Document blocks, all the working code were instead inlined...

I would like to translate Maple's products into Russian and to help russian users in Maple's education.

I am using Maple 14 in Windows xp.

If you enter an equation, or expression into a table the screen display shows more than adequate amount of blank space remaining in that particular table row.  However, when you look at the document in print preview or after printing it out you find that the free space in the row is not correctly displayed.  This is by no means subtle.  For example, I enter an equation into a table and it looks like at...

I sometimes like to use Maple help online as it allows for enlargement of font size very easily.  However, there is no text wrapping and makes reading difficult.

A certain "competitor" to Maple has started offering a "Home" Edition of their product for a very attractive price...I use Maple at work, but love to tinker with individual research.  Supposedly, this edition is the same full-featured product as the commercial and academic versions.  A "Home" Edition of Maple would be *awesome*.  I'm not prepared to jump ship to that "other" product, given the knowledge capital I have of Maple, but I've started entertaining the idea...

This is in the "Product Suggestions" category since there is no better place to report a bug that I could find.

In Maple 14 using the GraphTheory package on isomorphic (but not identical) transitive 3-regular graphs of order 120,

  IsIsomorphic(G1,G2) hangs.  It seems to do okay if the graphs are not isomorphic (returns false), or if they are identical

  in their labeling (returns true).

A suggestion to fix it would be...


I'm trying to fit a model with 3 ODEs and 7 parameters to a dataset using GlobalSolve as shown in the code pasted below. Unfortunately, after fitting for approximately 10000s I get the error message:                 System error, , "PopErrorProc"

I tried to find out more about this error message on the internet but I only found that a system error indicates an internal Maple bug.

I think I found a bug (at least in 9.5 and 13): int(BesselK(1,t)*t^2,t=0..x); produces a function of x which is a correct antiderivative, but is not equal to 0 for x=0. In fact, it is -1 (well, the limit of x to 0). So in the result of the above integral the term +1 is missing.
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