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Although this question might seem silly to Maple experts, I cannot help asking, since despite a long search through Maple Help and Maple Guides I was not able to come across the answer. What I mean is this: > eq1 := diff(y(t),t)-y(t)^2+y(t)*sin(t)-cos(t) = 0; > # here I want some command that would return the order of eq1, i.e. 1 > something(eq1); > eq2 := diff(y(t),`$`(t,2)) = y(t)*u(t) + diff(u(t),t); > something(eq2,y); # this should return 2 > something(eq2,u); # this should return 1 Besides, I would also need the same for recurrent (shift) equations, i.e.
So what is the best way to put a "link" from one place in a maple document to another. So that someone can jump quickly when clicked? Thanks!
I got an interesting error message

f:=(x,lambda)->2/(1+lambda)*1/( 1/(x+lambda)+1/(1+lambda));

(x, lambda) -> --------------------------------------
                            /    1            1     \
               (1 + lambda) |---------- + ----------|
                            \x + lambda   1 + lambda/


               1     1   (x - 1)  f(0, lambda)
(x, lambda) -> - x + - - ---------------------
Hi, I'm trying to solve a set of simultaneous equations, and the solutions I get are expressions of _Z. I'd be most grateful if anyone could explain what this means.
Hi, I stored the closed-form symbolic result of a long computation in a library. When I try to substitute numerical values into the functions I saved, subs (applyrule, etc.) do not make the substitution. Looking at the operand that I think should substitute ('Ip' as stored), it is not evalb equal to 'Ip' (as typed into evalb). It appears that Maple thinks I have two different symbols with the same name. Can anyone explain this behavior to me? Thanks, Art
when you take the limit as x approaches infinity of the following problem Maple 11 give an answer of 1. I think this is not correct. doing the limit manually I get e^ab. Lim (1+[a/x])^(bx) x->infinity I enter the limit using the expression palette. Any input would be welcomed. Thank you.
Hi, How I can know the goodness of my fitting?and what is equation which Maple usually use to calculate the standared deviation of the fitting parameters and the residual mean square, the residual standard deviation and the residual sum of squre.please see the file.Thanks Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager and tha data file is: Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the
Hey guys, here is the absolute last question concerning my project. I'm so close to the end line I can taste it, yet this final problem is preventing me from opening that bottle of champagne. The Objective: Getting Maple to animate a block to slide up a 30 degree slope given a users initial velocity and mass. The Method: A sequence of frames using rectangles with Plot package. An array to store all the vector information for vector arrows. The Problem: The box goes up, however does not come down. The Root Reason: I don't know how to tell the sequence to go down, only forward.
I am generatings sets and lists of points [x,y,z] where x,y,z are floating point (real) numbers. And sets and lists of such set, etc. The computations which produce the lists and sets need to be done with Digits set to some large value but I want to consider two such sets or lists or sets of such sets, etc, to be equal if the components x,y,z, of the points in the sets etc, are equal to say 8 decimal places. Can anyone suggest a good, hopefully simple, way to do this? Applying evalf[8] to all expressions doesn't work. I have a very messy way to do it, but there ought to be a better way.
Is there any way of inputting data into maple using RPN as I have used RPN for years on my calculator and now have to use maple for my college course and I find inputting information takes too much time (using brackets etc.) I am using maple 9.5.
Given an expression such as: k:=sqrt(x)+sin(x)+exp(x)+3+sin(y); what is the most effective way of extracting the part of k that contains any/all square roots? I've played around with selectfun and select, but just can't seem to get anything out of them...I can seem to pick out any trig and exp type functions, but not the sqrt?
In trying to answer a question for one of my students I found the following strange behavior: The probability density for the time t that standard Brownian motion started from 0 first hits the value a > 0 is: f := a*exp(-a^2/(2*t))/(sqrt(2*Pi)*t^(3/2)) Then the expected value of this hitting time is: int(t*f, t = 0 .. infinity) Maple 11 gives the answer signum(a)*infinity which is correct, as long as one understands that signum(a)=1. However, if one now assumes that a > 0 and integrates, then the answer is incorrect:
a:=evalf(sum((-1)^n*BesselK(-2*n+1,1)*BesselJ(2*n,-1),n=-infinity..infinity)); a1:=evalf(sum((-1)^n*BesselK(-2*n+1,1)*BesselJ(2*n,-1),n=-100..100)); a := 0.02456830552 a1 := 0.5233322456 Can you undestood me Why a<>a1? And how it calculated in Maple 10? Thank you before!
Maple 11 has been working flawlessly for me under Mac OS X Leopard, with both updated. However, while the screen output appears to be fine, the Times New Roman (and other?) fonts seem to disappear and are replaced by a sans serif font (like Helvetica or Geneva). This occurs whether I send the output to a postscript laser printer (HP 2200) or to a non-postscript inkjet (HP 5550). I vaguely remember having a similar problem years ago, i.e., prior to Mac OS X. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Has anyone who encountered this identified a solution? So far, I'm stuck exporting my resu
Hi - Does anybody know of a command that can convert all trigonometric functions in an expression into sinc functions (not hyperbolic). Something like convert,sincos but for sinc function. Thanks.
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