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Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to drag a curve from one plotter to another in a maplet? Is there a way to do this with Java/OpenMaple? Regards, Art
Hi i am currently using maple 10 student edition and is trying to reduce the number of graphs i need to display. here are the following plots i have 1) implicitplot(x^3+3*x*y+y^3 = 1, x = -2.5 .. 2.5, y = -2.5 .. 2.5) 2)display([polygon([[-1, -1], [1.50322, -.503215], [-.503215, 1.50322]])], scaling = constrained) 3) (plots[display])((plottools[line])([-1, -1], [.5, .5]), color = red) is it possible to combine all 3 plots into one? or even 2. another question is in plot number 2 I drew a triangle. is it possible to make it show the angles of the triangle as well as the length of the sides on the plot?
Can anybody help me how to convert (in both directions) the sums of trig functions like sin A + sin B = 2 sin ½(A + B) cos ½(A - B) Simple expand and combine commadns do not work in this case.
Hey guys, I want to solve an equation using maple.. for example, say I have the values for radius, length, and resistance.. and i want to find the value for conductivity, how would i do this? Assuming the values for radius, length, and resistance are 1, what program would I write to get maple to solve for conductivity. the equation is p=(L/RA) where p is conductivity, L is length, R is resistance, and A is radius... i know these are not the real names for the variables, but this is an example. I was thinking eq:= p=L/RA; L=1;R=1;A=1; Solve(eq,p); However this is not working. Any help for a maple newbie?
Can the commutator command in the tensors package be used with tensors of rank greater than 1 ? I recently tried to prove the jacobi identity using the 2 x 2 Pauli Matrices, that I created as arrays, but kept getting an error message saying something about the improper rank, of the arguments of the commutator command. I noticed in the help pages that the arguments of commutator must be of rank 1. I also tried all combinations of covariance and contravariance of the pauli matrices, but nothing worked. Can anyone help with this ? Is there any way to get around this ? thanks, v/r,
Hi, I've been pondering using Maple 11 to take notes in a class. My backup plan is to use Lyx or a Latex front end. When I click on a symbol in the menu the symbol is inserted typeset as if it had been handwritten. When I enter certain symbols such as "forall" and "exists" they show up as text rather than the symbol. I've tried the "convert to 2D math" option but that has no effect. Is there a way to enter symbols and have them typeset by typing them out(like \forall ) or must I click on the buttons for it to work? Thanks.
First a thank you is in order for gkokovidis for helping me with a problem earlier. The brief story is I am trying to animate a certain box on a 30 degree slope. In order to put it together, I need to be able to turn it into a an array. In order to set an array, I need to be able to parse a certain value to an integer. Let me show you the code thus far. restart: with(plottools): with(plots): c := rectangle([0,1], [1,0]): d := rectangle([1,2], [2,1]): e := rectangle([2,3], [3,2]): f := rectangle([3,4], [4,3]): g := rectangle([4,5], [5,4]): IPLaunch:=proc(v0,m) local g,a,t,S,h,T:
Hello guys, long time no post. I'm back into the field of Maple, and i've become a tad rusty. I never worked too much with animating anyways, so i'm totally flogged on this aspect. My primary goal is to animate a block (or square), on a 30 degree ramp. The procedure and calculations for this is all set, so there is no need to worry about this, all i've got left to do, is learn to animate this. It needs to go up, and then go back down, with the initial velocity, and mass given by the user. There is no form of GUI, the user inputs the information from the worksheet itself. If anybody could provide a link they think would be useful, or help me by telling me what exactly I will need to learn to achieve this, that would be ace!
Hello, i had this exercice but i donèt understand what: f:R→R means? Does it mean fonction on 1st degre, like for exemple f(x)=3x+b or not Thank in advance
Please, take a look at the following work sheet for maple 11.01: View on MapleNet or Download It contains two similar documents blocks with functional operator assignments: f:= proc (x) options operator, arrow; 3*x end proc and g := proc (y) options operator, arrow; 3*y end proc One is collapsed another is not and this is the only principal difference between them. Now the output in collapsed document block is x -> 3 x while in expanded g := y -> 3 y.
I apologize if I've asked this question before. There's probably a very simple solution. I'm trying to get all roots over a range of 0-5 for x^3-e^x. with(Student[Calculus1]): for i to nops(Roots(x^3-exp(x),x=0..5)) do evalf(Roots(x^3-exp(x),x=0..5)[i]) end do returns 1.857183860 and 4.536403655 as expected, but seems kinda weird. fsolve(x^3-exp(x)) returns only the first find: 1.857183860 fsolve(x^3-exp(x), x = 0 .. 5) returns only the last find: 4.536403655
I'm attempting to exponentiate a really large number to a anther really large number and using only "^" will give me an overflow error. in my assignment it says to use " &^", but when i type this in, it attempts to exponentiate the ampersand symbol. I'm currently running on Maple 11... i think my problem is i don't know how to use &^ -thank you
I have the following differential equation which governs a circuit analysis problem.. I would like to be able to seperate the V1(t) terms from the V2(t) terms and then move the V1(t) terms to the right hand side. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this with commands in Maple? I am using version 9.5. Thanks!!! Kirk (1/R1+1/R2)*(diff(V2(t), t))-(diff(V1(t), t))/R1+(V2(t)-V1(t))/L+C*(diff(V2(t), `$`(t, 2))) = 0
Hello. I've tried to create function with x[1] variable, but at any time I receive the following error: > f := x[1] -> x[1]; Error, symbol or symbol::type or symbol:=expression expected in parameter list What is the problem here? IIUC x[1] is the element 1 of array x. So does maple forbid usage of array elements in function definitions? Thank you for your time.
Hey Is it possible to specify a domain or boundaries for a function / expression and if so, how to do it? Here is an example of want I want to do: If I have the following function f(x)=x^2 and solve this problem solve(f(x)=4,x) I get the answers x=-2 or x=2, but I want to be able to specify that x has to be greater than 0 (0solve(f(x)=2,x)|x>0 but I can't in Maple. Generally I could use | to assign values and limitations to expressions.
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