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Hi all,

I have this equation that I can not get all solutions symbolically:


eq1 := cos(lambda*ln(r1))*cos(lambda*ln(r2))+sin(lambda*ln(r1))*sin(lambda*ln(r2))-1 = 0:

solve(eq1, lambda, allsolutions) assuming r1>0, r2>0, r2>r1

when r1:=1: r2:=2: I get the solution


when r1:=1.1: and r2:=2.1: # no solutions

How to get symbolique solution




Dear all,

I have somme difficulties to calculate this integral.

int(I*sqrt((R*exp(I*theta)+1)/(R*exp(I*theta)-a)), theta = 0 .. Pi);


Hi all

I have this repetition with for:

for i from 1 to 10000 do x[i]:=sqrt(i); print(i); end do:

I want to know at the same time when the repetition is working, the value of i where the calculation is. Not at the last time of the calculation of all the repititions.

Example: when i=1, I want to see 1, when i=600, I want to see 600 at the same time of execution the repetition and not the last of the repetition  

Thank you



I have this attched procedure "Alt_lisse1".

Why the result e1 does'nt take into account the known variables



is it possible to remove this warning and not to show it when executing a procedure ? 

Warning, `AzIII` is implicitly declared local to procedure `lisse`


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