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Dear all,

I have one probem in using Maple in comparison with Matlab.

Generally, when using Matlab, I write a long program with 500 lines (for example) and where I use some matricial calculations and other. When I want to repeat this program for some parameters (variables) many times, I transform the program to a procedure "Function" with just adding the command Function in the start of the program.

When using Maple, I have a difficulty to transform a long program which I want to repeat for some variables to a procedure "proc". The program uses packages like LinearAlgebra and other procedures.

Is there a simple way to transform a long Maple program to a procedure which should be repeated many times for some variables in Maple. 

I have especially problems with the commands local, global, use (for packages), etc.. and the warning related to the variables. It is not easy for a long program with many variables to write them in local or global variables.

Thank you.

Dear all,

I want to plot for example cos(theta) from 0 to 2*Pi inside a circle at a radius R. The axis theta of the ploted function is at a radius R.

Is it possible ?


Dear all,

Is there a Maple command to get ColumnGraph in 3D as bar3 in Matlab.

In 2D, I use:

Statistics[ColumnGraph](A);  # equivalent to bar(A) in Matlab


Dear all,

I know how interpolating curves using 1D Fourier tranform.


How to use 2D Fourier transform to find a 2D Fourier series to interpolate surfaces as:

f := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; sin(x)^2+cos(y)^2 end proc

plot3d(f(x, y), x = 0 .. Pi, y = 0 .. Pi)

Or surface data [x,y,f(x,y)].

Thank you

Hi all

How to read a value from keyboard of PC when executing a maple document and assign it to a variable ?


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